Couchman Cemetery


Background: This was the cemetery for the ghost town of a Africian American community that once was here. Couchman was the birthplace of "Blind" Lemon Jefferson. Couchman once had a school and post office.

Directions: Take Highway 27 east of Wortham to F.M. 246. Go northeast about 3 to 4 miles to an "S" curve just west of Cedar Creek. This small cemetery is about 200 feet to the right side of the road on Rudy Miller land. There are about 12 marked graves. Five have legible tombstones.

Oldest Marked Grave: Oct 7, 1853

Couchman, Benjamin S. Mar 20, 1810 Oct 7, 1853
Couchman, George Aug 22, 1841 Aug 15, 1876
Powell, Infant
    dau of Josephus E. & Margaret Jane Powell
Jan 30, 1878 Feb 12, 1879
Powell, Josephus E.
     hus of Margaret Jane Powell
Feb 19, 1851 Feb 16, 1883
Powell, Marcus B.
    son of Josephus E. & Margaret Jane Powell
Feb 6, 1880 Feb 6, 1880
Powell, Margaret Jane
     wife of Josephus E. Powell
Unknown Unknown

[Many possible unmarked graves.]