Old Anglin Cemetery


Contributed by:  Eric Bonner Wood

Directions: Old Anglin Cemetery is roughly 2.2 miles east of Stewards Mill, Freestone County, Texas. Take Farm Road 833 east. The cemetery is located about .7 miles on dirt road on private property behind a gate. You just missed the gate if you reach Farm Road 488. (Note – the intersection of 833 and 488 is the ghost town of Bonnerville). The cemetery is on a small rise at the end of the road. The cemetery is located just north of Anglin Branch that feeds Cottonwood Creek on a parcel of land known as the “Parker Place”

Old Anglin cemetery is an African American cemetery that has a number of poorly marked slave graves. Many of the slave “headstones” are unmarked large pieces petrified wood. The small rise is covered with large trees and is overgrown with thick brush. This is the burial spot of Dr. John Bonner’s slaves and their descendents.
Note - Oak Grove Cemetery is the burial site of William Bonner’s slaves. It is located roughly 2.2 miles north of Stewards Mill near the Bonner Cemetery.
These are the graves with headstones:

Blair, Matlida 1898 1981
Bonner, Baby handwritten no dates
Boner, ? Ether handwritten no dates
Compton, Dan Sept 15, 1868 Aug 26, 1918
Keaton, David ? June 16, 1958
Keeton, Mrs. Bobbie "Bennie" Apr 1, 1891 Jan 6, 1966
Keeton, Bobbie Mar 18, 1892 Apr 24, 1981
Lewis, Bennie J. July 23, 1929 Jan 2, 1968
Lewis, Bonnie Apr 1, 1905 May 18, 1966
Lewis, Ella Davis 1865 1941
Lewis, Henrietta ? 1939
Lewis, March Jr. ? 1962
Lewis, March Sr. 1863 May 3, 1932
Lewis, Richard J. Jr. Dec 25, 1935* July 23, 1972
Lewis, Richard J. Sr.
Richard was Okla. – Pvt. 806 Pioneer Inf, WWI
Dec 25, 1935* July 6, 1947
Roberts, Maud M. Apr 13, 1899 July 16, 1900
Washington, George ? June 2, 1907

* Could someone please give me the correct dates....I don't think Jr. & Sr. were both born the same date and year.