Stroud Cemetery


by Eric Bonner Wood

An Africian American cemetery. The Abrams buried here where slaves of Mr. Abram Stroud, a white slave owner, and took his first name of Abram during Reconstruction.

Status: Active
Background: Named the Stroud cemetery since they were the first to be buried here. Beeton Stroud founded the Rocky Mount community. Location: Rocky Mount community north of Oakwood. SE corner of the county.

Oldest Marked Grave: Benjamin Cannon 6 May 1887

Cannon, Benjamin  1828  May 6, 1887
Cannon, Buffus  Jan 16, 1920  June 25, 1948
Cannon, C. C.  Sept 12, 1888  Dec 10, 1922
Cannon, George  May 15, 1818  May 11, 1892
Cannon, Margaret  Feb 15, 1870  May 25, 1950
Daniel, Lonzo  ?  July 23, 1960
Daniel, Roddie  June 19, 1900  Nov ?, 1947

NOTE - There are many unmarked graves: 50 unknown Strouds, 25 unknown Hunts, and 200 unknown citizens.

Known Unmarked Graves: [source- H of FC, Vol II]

Abram, Alpha
Abram, Ann
Abram, John Weaver
Abram, Thomas
Abram, Will
Cannon, Allie
Cannon, Ben
Cannon, Edd
Cannon, Laney
Cannon, Sis
Daniel, Albert
Daniel, Bill
Daniel, Dave
Daniel, Hayes
Daniel, James
Daniel, Jim Jr.
Daniel, Jim Sr.
Daniel, Joel
Daniel, Lela
Daniel, Mealie
Daniel, Mollie
Daniel, Victoria
Henry, Jim Sr.
Henry, Margaret Ringer
Henry, Mary Ann
Hunt, Joe
Hunt, Lizzy
Hunt, Murph
Senter, Andrew
Senter, Brer
Senter, Floyd
Senter, Laney
Smith, Laura
Smith, Sam