Bennett Cemetery


Contributed by:  Annette Burdett

Directions: east of Streetman near J. P. Robinson Place in Bennett survey on land owned now by Joe Burleson all bulldozed up in 1971 with nothing remaining, information gained from people familiar with the cemetery and relatives buried there. Probably last burial there was before 1900. There was probably about 25 marked graves originally.

Bennett, Joseph L.
     Lt. Co. in 2nd Rgt of TX Vol. in TX Independence.
     Fought at Battle of San Jacinto.
     Named colonel of regiment of mounted gun men for frontier defense that was
     to become the Texas Rangers. Served in the Republic of Texas House of
     Representatives for two terms.
died 1848
Bennett, Elizabeth (Seaborn)
Joseph L. Bennett's wife
no date
Bennett, Seymour no date
Clark, Wallace no date
Clark, Joseph no date
Steward, Joe no date