Compton Cemetery


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Directions: From FM 489 & HWY 75 intersection in Dew go North on 75 approximately 8 tenths of a mile. Look for signs. Cemetery Road on Left.

Historical Marker: William Scott Compton (1805-1882), and his wife, Angelina Louisa Gunn Ward (1806-1880) purchased over 3000 acres here in the settlement of Avant Prairie (later Dew) in 1852. On this acreage the Comptons built a log home, barns and quarters for their slaves. An attorney and banker, William served as a county judge and state senator in Alabama before moving to Texas. This cemetery began in 1855 with the burial of the Comptons' eldest daughter, Elizabeth Blackmon Compton Johnson. Also buried here are the Comptons' sons, Joseph (Jodie) and Felix Richard, both Confederate veterans of the Civil War; and their granddaughter, Martha (Mattie) Jane, and her husband George Walton White, Texas State Legislator (1889 and 1891), Baptist minister, and charter member of the Corinth Baptist Church in Dew, Texas. George White's heirs formally set aside the cemetery property in 1943 and for the next 40 years the cemetery received modest care from family members residing in the original settlement home built by William and Angelina Compton. Descendants of the Compton and White families formed an association in 1983 for the purpose of maintaining the cemetery. Compton Cemetery represents a well-preserved example of a small family cemetery.

Airheart, Amy Gaye (Ayers)
     dau of Henry Wilton & Julia Mamie (White) Ayers
Mar 8, 1937 Feb 4, 1990
Ayers, August Dale Aug 8, 1924 Aug 9, 1924
Ayers, Brian Keith
     son of Henry Wilton & Julia Mamie (White) Ayers
Oct 28, 1928 May 26, 2010
Ayers, Felix Derry
     son of Henry Wilton & Julia Mamie (White) Ayers
June 4, 1931 Sep 1, 1999
Ayers, Henry Wilton
     hus of Julia Mamie (White) Ayers
     son of W. T. & Martha Ellen (Jones) Ayers
Apr 5, 1891 Nov 1, 1974
Ayers, Julia Mamie (White)
     wife of Henry Wilton Ayers
     dau of George Walton & Martha Jane (Compton) White
Oct 4, 1894 Apr 28, 1973
Compton, Angelina Louisa (Gunn)
     wife of William Scott Compton
     dau of William & Sarah "Sallie" (Cross) Gunn
Apr 6, 1806 June 17, 1880
Compton, Felix Richard
     hus of Susan (Conaway) Compton
     son of William Scott & Angelina Louisa (Gunn) Compton
     Co E 13 Texas Cav, CSA
Aug 10, 1829 May 14, 1865
Compton, Joseph Elliston
     son of William Scott & Angelina Louisa (Gunn) Compton
     Co B 12 Texas Cav, CSA
Mar 9, 1846 Unknown
Compton, Susan (Conaway)
     wife of Felix Richard Compton
     dau of James & Mary Conaway
July 6, 1843 Feb 28, 1866
Compton, Twin Infants
     infants of Willis Winston & Caledonia Elizabeth (Thomasson) Compton
Unknown Unknown
Compton, William Scott
     hus of Angelina Louisa (Gunn) Compton
     son of William & Susanna (Mullen) Compton
Jan 6, 1805 June 25, 1882
Johnson, Elizabeth Blackman (Compton)
     wife of Robert T. Johnson
     dau of William Scott & Angelina Louisa (Gunn) Compton
Nov 2, 1837 July 24, 1855
Johnson, Jim D.
     1st hus of Mary Louisa (Compton) Johnson Humphries
     Pvt Co A Waul's Legion, CSA
Unknown Unknown
White, Alla Rae
     dau of George Walton & Martha Jane (Compton) White
Dec 13, 1909 Mar 27, 1914
White, George Walton
     hus of Martha Jane (Compton) White
     son of John Martin & Mary Ann Lovicy (Jordan) White
Mar 12, 1849 Mar 11, 1943
White, Martha Jane "Mattie" (Compton)
     wife of George Walton White
     dau of Felix Richard & Susan (Conaway) Compton
Sep 10, 1863 Mar 9, 1912
White, Mary Louise
     dau of George Walton & Martha Jane (Compton) White
Mar 12, 1882 Mar 18, 1882
White, Ray Hall
     son of George Walton & Martha Jane (Compton) White
Apr 13, 1899 Apr 23, 1902