Dunagan Cemetery


Directions: From Hwy 27 take Hwy 80 and go to Co. Road 1449. Turn left on to Co. Road 1449 and go 3.2 miles.
This road starts out as Shiloh Road and then becomes Co. Road 1055. At the Woodland Cemetery go to the left.
This road will turn into a dirt road. Follow it around until you reach the Webb Branch Cemetery.
The Dunagan cemetery is in a chain link fence at the South East corner of the Webb Branch Cemetery.

DUNAGAN, Lewis E. Feb. 3, 1851 - Apr. 7, 1852
Son of J.C. & M.M. Dunagan

DUNAGAN, Peter A. May 21, 1855 - July 24, 1867
Son of J.C. & M.M. Dunagan

DUNAGAN, J. Aug. 3, ? - ?
Son of J.C. & M.M. Dunagan (This one was really hard to read)

DUNAGAN, Infant Daughter Jan. 3, 1883 - ?
Daughter of C.B. & A.N. Dunagan

DUNAGAN, J.C. Feb. 25, 1828 - Dec. 6, 1885

DUNAGAN, Mary Mar. 26, 1828 - June 13, 1908
Wife of J.C. Dunagan

These are all the graves that were in this cemetery. It looks like some one has been in there cleaning it up.