Hickory Grove/Jameson Cemetery


Hickory Grove Cemetery (Also known as "Jameson Cemetery")

[Note - History of Freestone County, Vol II incorrectly duplicates the data for the same graves under the title of Hickory Grove Cemetery and under the title of Jameson Cemetery.]

Status: Inactive since 1936.

Coordinates: Latitude: 31.760N Longitude: -96.122W

Background: This was the cemetery for the ghost town of Hickory Grove. The community boasted a cotton gin and store at one time. There was the Hickory Grove School (established in 1870) within less than 150 feet of the cemetery. During 1893-1894 school enrollment was 24. Horace Dwayne Chappell attended this school and remembered more markers than there are now. There was no fence at the time, so some could be covered over at the edges.

Location: Located E of Fairfield toward Young.

[[NOTE - EBW - I tried to find based on these directions on 9 Dec 2007 and failed. The roads in this area have changed greatly since the Big Brown coal plant has moved roads and greatly changed the landscape. Probably should have tried all the side roads off 2570.]

Directions #1: From Fairfield, go 3.5 miles NE on 2570 (a.k.a. Ranch Rd #1124) towards Young. Cemetery is past right turn to Ranch Rd. 3285 that leads to the Lake Fairfield State Park. Cemetery is just past left dirt road. Cemetery on right. It nows has a chain link fence with well marked name over the gate.

Directions #2: Located 4 miles NW of Burleson Hill near Keechi Creek.

Oldest Marked Grave: 1892

Bullock, Infant
    son of A. S. & A. E. Bullock
June 9, 1892 June 16, 1892
Jameson, James
    Inside gate
1887 1891
Jameson, Jas. Thomas
    Inside gate
1849 1906
Jameson, Martha
    Inside gate
1823 1892
Jameson, Mary Ann
    Inside gate
1865 1934
Jameson, Ralph
    Inside gate
1901 1901
Owens, Mary F. (Williams)
    wife of D. W. Owens
    dau of W. J. Williams
Nov 17, 1861 Sept 26, 1893
Williams, W. J. Mar 23, 1831 Oct 25, 1899

20 unmarked graves possible