Hopson Burleson Memorial Cemetery


Contributed by:  Jerry Christian

The following information is based on "Resting Places", a compilation work done by Tracie Harris Ezell, a seventh generation descendant of Hopson Burleson. The work was supported by the Woodland Cemetery Association and finished in 1998. Tracie has given her permission for her work to be used to put this information on the Freestone County website.

The cemetery is located on FM 833 near the intersection of IH 45 and FM 833. On the south side of FM 833 about 100 yards east of IH 45 stands a small rock house. The cemetery is about 500 yards south of the house.

The cemetery was established by Hopson Burleson as a part of a land grant that he received from the Mexican government when he moved to the area in about 1835. The oldest marked grave, 1872, is that of an infant son of A.G. and Zillah Pullin. Zillah Pullin was the youngest daughter of Hopson Burleson. Some of the families that used the cemetery between 1852 and 1927 include Burleson, Coleman, Henderson, Humphrey, Kelley, Mims, Pinkard, Pullin, Rowland, and  Spires.

Since 1997 the cemetery has been under the auspices of the Woodland Cemetery Association to better provide for care and maintenance.

Historical Marker: Hopson Burleson (1806-1882) moved his family from Goliad to this area in 1835 after receiving a land grant from the Mexican government. He immediately set aside two acres of the land for a cemetery. The first marked grave, dated 1872, is that of the infant son of A. G. and Zillah Pullin. Names of families who have used the graveyard include Burleson, Coleman, Henderson, Kelley, Newman, Pullin, Humphrey, Pinkard, Spires, Rowland, and McClelland. Several of Burleson's slaves are buried near his grave. the cemetery is a reminder of the early settlers in this area.

Burleson, Amanda
    wife of Moses
    source: Betty Morrow
4/11/1848 ?
Burleson, Augustus Lawhon
    son of Joseph & Mary
    source: Betty Morrow
1836 6/21/1921
Burleson, Columbus Randolph
    source: Betty Morrow
1846 1866
Burleson, Della Lee
    wife of C. R.
1845 1901
Burleson, Hopson
    Mexican War
1/24/1806 7/4/1882
Burleson, Hopson 7/3/1831/ 7/11/1881
Burleson, Isaac H. "Ike" 9/28/1873 1919
Burleson, James
    source: Betty Morrow
5/4/1775 1/3/1836
Burleson, John
    source: Betty Morrow
1817 ?
Burleson, Joseph
    son of Aaron
    Texas & Mexican War
    source: Betty Morrow
3/30/1800 12/24/1877
Burleson, M. S. Vickers
    wife of Hopson Burleson
no dates no dates
Burleson, Mary DeMoss
    2nd wife of Hopson Burleson
no dates no dates
Burleson, Moses Wilson 7/11/1845 5/4/1884
Burleson, Nancy E.
    infant dau of B. C. & Della
no dates no dates
Burleson, Sarah Burleson
    1st wife of Hopson Burleson
8/25/1810 10/??/1857
Coleman, Itepie
    dau of John Coleman
Coleman, Joseph
    inf son of W. W. & Nancy Coleman
no dates no dates
Coleman, Martha
    inf dau of W. W. & Nancy Coleman
no dates no dates
Coleman, Nancy Burleson
    wife of W. W. Coleman
    dau of Hopson
no dates no dates
Henderson, Betty 9/13/1886 9/20/1886
Henderson, Lucy 12/10/1880 7/9/1889
Humphrey, N. A. 12/27/1877 5/5/1885
Kelley, Amanda 4/11/1848 6/13/1921
Mims, F. A.
    wife of Uncle Gil
no dates no dates
Mims, Gil
    Uncle Gil
no dates no dates
Mims, Manervia 1/10/1889 11/22/1889
Pinkard, Lealeh O. 12/5/1897 2/1/1898
Pinkard, Lillie H. 11/18/1892 1/23/1893
Pinkard, Sallie A. 7/8/1862 8/8/1899
Pullin, Anthony Graham
5/16/1848 4/9/1927
Pullin, Eugenia H.
    son of Anthony & Zillah
2/13/1876 8/5/1883
Pullin, Inf Dau.
    twin of Eugenia Pullin
    dau of Anthony & Zillah
2/13/1876 2/13/1876
Pullin, Inf Son
    son of Anthony & Zellah
12/6/1883 12/6/1883
Pullin, Johnny B. 2/11/1874 11/18/1875
Pullin, Wiley H. 8/26/1872 10/19/1872
Pullin, Zillah Dee (Burleson)
    wife of Anthony Graham Pullin
12/10/1850 2/21/1919
Rowland, Mr. & Mrs no dates no dates
Spires, Ellen Burleson
    dau of Hopson Burleson
1849 5/4/1882
Todd, Dee Pullin ? 1883
Unmarked Burleson Graves according to Betty Morrow:
Burleson, Anna Pearl Coleman no dates no dates
Burleson, Benjamin Franklin 12/24/1874 1/23/1923
Burleson, Inf of Augustus no dates no dates
Burleson, Iteppie 1886 1887
Burleson, Nellie Rose
    wife of B. F.
12/23/1876 11/11/1944
Burleson, Susan B.
    dau of Augustus
1876 1876
Burleson, Van Gordon
    son of Augustus
no dates no dates