Robinson Cemetery


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The Robinson Cemetery is located in the J. Love abstract in Freestone County, Texas just north of Tehuacana Creek. The family cemetery is on a 1.66 acre tract originally part of the Robinson plantation and deeded to their youngest child, Sallie Hope Robinson Bonner. It is now owned by Michael Edd Bonner, great-great grandson of James and Eliza Bonner Robinson. The cemetery is inaccessible to the public. It is said that when their son Samuel died in 1859, Tehuacana Creek was too high for a safe crossing and burial in the Bonner Cemetery on the opposite bank, so James and Eliza began their on "burying ground" near their home.

(Information in parentheses was added by Michael Edd Bonner.)

(The tombstone for James & Eliza Robinson is an old-fashioned double stone; it sits between their graves with the information engraved on the corresponding sides.)

Father Mother
James Robinson Eliza A. Robinson
Born in South Carolina Born April 19, 1817
September 2, 1807 Died May 19, 1897
Died in Texas
April 16, 1888

(James Robinson was the son of William Robinson and Elizabeth A. Boggs; Eliza Ann Bonner Robinson was born in SC, the daughter of William Bonner and Ann Lee Joel; they were married in 1837 and moved from AL to TX in 1854. Their 13 children: Mary Susannah married Robert Davidson; Ann Eliza married Walker Y. Davidson; Infant Son; Rebecca Jane married Irvine H. Bonner; William Wirt Bonner married Mary S. Irvine; Margaret Joel; Martha Campbell; James Pressly married Mary F. McCracken; Elizabeth Boggs married John Laird Bonner; John Lee married Caroline Mae Grayson & Mrs. Sallie Compton; Samuel; Thomas Harvey married Mary Caroline Bonner & Ettie Foster Robinson; Sallie Hope married Oliver Young Bonner.)

Robinson, Samuel
     son of James & Eliza Robinson
Jan 13, 1858 June 10, 1859
Robinson, Margaret Joel
     dau. of James & Eliza Robinson
Sept 26, 1847 July 28, 1864
Robinson, Martha Campbell
     dau. of James & Eliza Robinson
May 21, 1849 July 8, 1865
Mary A. (Mary Agnes Robinson)
     relationship to James Robinson unknown)
     Wife of J. G. Bonner (James Gordon Bonner, son of William Bonner, Jr. & Mary McArthur)
Mar. 10, 1850 Dec. 17, 1891
Son of J. G. & M. A. Bonner b & d Jan 17, 1888
Son of J. G. & M. A. Bonner b & d Apr 15, 1890
Dau. of J. G. & M. A. Bonner b & d Dec 13, 1891
Mary Caroline
    Dau. of William Bonner, Jr. & Mary McArthur
    Wife of T. H. Robinson (Thomas Harvey Robinson, son of James & Eliza)
Jan 21, 1860 Mar 26, 1896
Son of T. H. & M. C. Robinson b & d March 9, 1896
Infant of T. H. & M. C. Robinson   Sept 30, 1888
McMillin, Mary Jane
     Dau. of Allen & Eleanor E. Walls
Feb 27, 1830 Aug 22, 1865
McGilvary, W. T.
     Our Brother
July 13, 1839 Dec 28, 1888
Robinson, Carrie
     Dau. of Mack and Eunice (Webb) Robinson
     (John McArthur "Mack" Robinson was a grandson of James & Eliza)
Nov 30, 1914 Dec 20, 1914
(The following are modern stones and I have no idea which Robinsons they are.)
Robinson, Irvine Hale
     Son of Thomas Harvey Robinson & Mary Caroline Bonner
June 13, 1891 June 20, 1967