Spillers Cemetery


Status: Abandoned

Background: Spillers Cemetery is a family cemetery started for the descendants of Warrington Spillers. William Harper Spillers moves to the area in 1851 from Montgomery County, Texas after Warrington has died and owned a large amount of land (7,317 unimproved acres according to the 1860 Agricultural census) [H of FC, Vol I, p. 584, entry #774].

Directions #1:
This cemetery is located three miles NE of Mexia on the border line of Limestone and Freestone Counties. The cemetery only accessible by county roads. The cemetery is east of 14 and south of Ranch Road 27 which leaves east out of Wortham to Kirvin. The cemetery is west of 1384 that connects Cotton Gin to Lebanon near Kirvin. The cemetery is located at the end of dirt road on the west side of Elm Creek near the home of Addie Mag and William P'Pool on private property.

Directions #2:
Off country road #986 north of its intersection of #254 down a dirt road leading east. At end of dirt road.

Note - just west of the cemetery across in Limestone County is Lindley Cemetery.

Oldest Marked Grave: Warrington Spillers 27 July 1847

Latitude: 31.43.16 N Longitude: 096.25.59 W

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 31.7211, Longitude: -96.4331

Andrew, Elizabeth Montgomery
    Mother of Nancy Jane Spillers & Elizabeth Andrew Harber
    Grandmother of Frankie Andrew
Mar 22, 1797 Aug 30, 1876
Andrew, Frankie
    son of H. H. & Ella Andrew
    grandson of Eliz. Montgomery Andrew
Mar 17, 1870 Aug 13, 1877
Currie, Minerva J. (Spillers)
    dau of W. H. & Nancy Spillers
    mother of Minnie (Currie) Sewell
no tombstone  
Currie, Son
    son of Minerva J. (Spillers) Currie
no dates no dates
Deis, John Andrew Jr.
    son of J. A. & Grace Deis
    grandson of J. M. & Mary Ann M. Deis
Nov 11, 1911 Nov 13, 1911
Deis, John M.
    hus of Mary Ann Matilda (Spillers) Deis
Mar 31, 1841 Nov 10, 1918
Deis, Mary Ann Matilda (Spillers)
    wife of John M.
    dau of N. Harper & Nancy Jane Spillers
Sept 16, 1847 Nov 12, 1926
Harbor, Elizabeth Andrew
    sister of Nancy Jane Spillers
    no tombstone
no date Dec 24, 1906
McFall, Andrew M.
    son of R. E. & Eliz.
Feb 17, 1862 Jan 27, 1883
McFall, Elizabeth Frances (Spillers)
    wife of R. E. McFall
    dau of W. H. & Nancy Jane Spillers
    no tombstone
Aug 22, 1834 Jan 21, 1905
McFall, Elizabeth Frances
    dau of R. E. & Ell
Oct 26, 1862 Dec 29, 1862
McFall, Mary Jane
    dau of R. E. & Elizabeth McFall
Oct 18, 1855 Aug 8, 1862
McFall, Robert Emmett
    hus of Elizabeth (Spillers) McFall
Dec 4, 1818 May 30, 1868
McGilvary, Billie (John William)
    son of J. C. & N. A. McGilvary
Feb 22, 1877 Sept 5, 1891
McGilvary, John Clinton
    hus of Annette (Spillers) McGilvary
    son of John Martin & Eleanor McGilvary
May 31, 1847 June 30, 1914
McGilvary, Maggie Eleanor
    dau of J. C. & N. A. McGilvary
Aug 7, 1895 June 15, 1896
McGilvary, Narcissa Annete (Spillers)
    wife of J. C. McGilvary
    dau of W. H. & Nancy Jane Spillers
May 18, 1856 June 19, 1903
McGilvary, Ralph
    son of J. C. & N. A. McGilvary
Jan 10, 1900 Feb 7, 1915
McGilvary, Roy
    son of J. C. & N. A. McGilvary
Nov 7, 1884 Jan 19, 1886
Spillers, James Henry
    son of W. H. & Nancy Jane Spillers
    Father of Henry Spillers
May 28, 1858 Oct 25, 1898
Spillers, Nancy Adeline
    dau of W. H. & N. J. Spillers
Feb 13, 1845 Aug 13, 1901
Spillers, Nancy Jane (Andrew)
    wife of W. Harper Spillers
    dau of Elizabeth Montgomery Andrew
Feb 17, 1817 Aug 12, 1901
Spillers, Sarah Margaret
    dau of W. H. & N. J. Spillers
Apr 16, 1850 Sept 10, 1896
Spillers, Warrington Jan 13, 1767 July 27, 1847
Spillers, William Harper
    hus of Nancy Jane Andrew
    bro. or nephew of Warrington & William
    b. Caldwell Co., KY
July 20, 1809 Apr 29, 1890
Spillers, William
    bro. of Warrington
Apr 15, 1787 Feb 18, 1856
Stallion, ???? ? bef. 1892