Streety McDaniel Cemetery

Submitted by:  Betty & Allen Johannes.

Abandoned: Located off Cr 300 near Y of Hwy 84 & 79

All of the persons buried here are related or are close family friends. We believe that the McDaniel and possibly the Hillery Manning family came with the William Thames Streety family along with others to this area. They came from Butler County, AL. The community of Butler, TX was named after Butle Co. AL.

My wife’s family include:
John Henry Streety G Grandfather ( Mrs. L E. Jones) .
Mrs. L.E. Jones (2nd Marriage) G grandmother L.E. = Louisa Emmaline Jones.
J. B. (Joseph Bela) Streety - brother of John Henry.
Eustatia Jones (Eustatia Elizabeth Streety) sister to John Henry and J.D. Streety.
W.T. & C.D. Streety (William Thomas Streety) son of John Henry Streety.
Mary S. (Streety Rose) Moody daughter of Eustatia Streety and William Blake Rose.
Joseph Bela Streety was married to Josie Keeling, therefore, the connection to the Keeling.

Located within a iron fence with the name “McDaniel” on the gate. The following grave stones are set in a concrete slab all in a row beginning at the north end and running South. These grave stones were apparently set by a person that was known as the overseer of the McDaniel family.

Mrs. Catherine Manning b. 3 April 1825 d. 4 June 1861
Carle Silome   d.
H. & C.A. Manning b. 16 July 1854 d. 23 August 1864
Mrs. Elizabeth McDaniel b. 22 September 1791 d. 6 March 1851
Ennis Leona
     dau of Wm M. & E.E. McDaniel
b. 20 July 1849 d. 15 July 1892
John Hillery
     son of Wm M. & E.E. McDaniel
b. 5 April 1852 d. 29 October 1852
     son of Wm M. & E.E. McDaniel
b. 23 June 1861 d. 16 December 1864
Willie M.
     son of Wm M. & E.E. McDaniel
b. 31 January 1869 d. 19 August 1873
Mattie M.
     dau of Wm M. & E.E. McDaniel
b. 25 January 1859 d. 23 July 1865
Eliza B.
     dau of Wm M
E.E. McDaniel b. 16 February 1855 d. 1 October 1873
Wm M. McDaniel b. 7 December 1822 d.2 November 1873
Located outside of fenced area.
Keeling, Myrtle 1891 1892
Keeling, Sarah Ann b. 21 December 1834 d. 21 December 1874
Keeling, Nathaniel Wilson b. 28 February 1816 d. 18 January 1878
Edgar Manning b. 21 December 1834 d. 21 December 1874
Mrs. L.E. Jones
     wife of L.L. Jones
b. 20 May 1848 d. 18 December 1888
Boby (Baby)
     son of W.T. & C.D. Streety
b. 17 May 1894 d. 18 July 1895
Wm R. (B) Rose
     (Masonic Emblem)
d. 3 December 1872 36 yrs 10 mo 19 day
Wm B. Rose
     son of Wm B. & E.E. Rose
b. 10 February 1872 d. 22 September 1876
Elizabeth L. Rose
     wife of Thomas Rose
     Born Orange Co. VA.
b. 3 February 1822 d. 18 February 1883
J.B. Streety (Joseph Bela) b. 1 December 1836 d. 14 September 1899
Eustatia Jones
     wife of J.H. Jones
b. 14 February 1846 d. 20 December 1886
Mary S. (Streety) Moody
     wife of Winston Moody
b. 25 November 1869 d. 10 March 1892
Thomas Ray Shamburger
     son of T.N. & L.J.
b. 13 February 1888 d. 4 June 1890
John Henry Streety - No Marker
Said by his son Charles Bela Streety that he was buried here.

Submitted by:  Betty & Allen Johannes

This is the information we have on several graves in Freestone County. They are located on a large ranch in the triangle between Hwys 84 & 79 and CR300 (where the Streety-McDaniel cemetery is located.

There is the possibility of 4 graves:

Also: Deed to J.A. Lowrey, Mar 1, 1891
Deed to J.A. Lowrey, July 6, 1887
Deed to J.A. Lowrey & wife, Dec 26, 1890

There is a Shamburger son buried in the Streety-McDaniel Cemetery. Possible connection to the above.