Note: the following is transcribed as written without effort to correct grammar nor spelling. Names are on second page.

We the undersigned citizens of precinct NO6 Respectfully, ask and pray that you Build and arrange some place in the Town of Teague for the taking Care of the Vialators of the Law. that the Constable and Debt. Sheriff in this precinct are making more arrest, than almost all other Precincts put together. and they have no place to take Care of them, we believe that it will only be Justice to Teague and Freestone County. as well a Humanity. that you do something towards assisting the Constable and Officers in taking care of these poor unfortunate criminals. that the citizens of Teague on the commencement of the Building of the Town of Teague, felt the great need of a Caloboose and they Built one by private subscription and the officers are now using  same, and we believe it unhumon to use this, and ask that you take some steps in assisting us in Building another Caloboose that will not only be safe but a decent place to hold Criminals. the one they now use is only one sell very small and not a safe place to hold criminal.

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