Organization of County


Submitted by Modene (Knight) Thornton

The State of Texas I, Nelson Tarver, Chief Justice of said Freestone County county do hereby certify that on the 6 day of January A. D. 1851 the following persons were duly elected, and in due time qualified, officers of said county.

William Clements, Sheriff by receiving 55 votes
F. M. Truitt Assessor and Collector by receiving 48 votes

B. F. Tyler by receiving 52 votes.
Elisha Hobbs by receiving 52 votes.
John Claypool by receiving 72 votes
P. S. Black by receiving 71 votes.

Also that the following were duly elected and qualified clerks treasurer and coroner of said county, on the 25th day of January 1851.
Emanuel Clements, County Clerk received 31 votes.
J. M. Henderson, District Clerk received 29 votes.
Edward Steel, Treasurer of said county received 23 votes.
G. J. Jones, Coroner of said county received 24 votes

To all of which I hereby certify under my private seal, having no seal of office, on this the 21st day of Feby. A. D. 1851.
Nelson Tarver
Chief Justice for Freestone County