Gary - Griffin


Contributed by: Melissa Griffin Jacobs.

Be It Remembered, that on this 11th day of January, 1858, the following marriage license was issued to wit: Freestone County, SS, To all who shall see these presents, greetings: Know ye that any person legally authorized to celebrate the rights of matrimony, is hereby licensed to join in marriage as husband and wife N. C. GRIFFIN (Newton Cokley) and SARAH E. GARY (Sarah Elizabeth), and for so doing, this shall be his sufficient authorizing.

In testimony whereof, I E.L.GALLO(??looks like) clerk. Be it further remembered that on this ___day of___,18__, the following certificate was filed in my office to wit: Texas, To Wit:_____County.

THIS certifies, that I joined in marriage as husband and wife N.C.Griffin and Sarah E. Gary on the 14th day of January, 1858. George F. Allison J.P.