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These are documents that have been donated by folks like you.
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Book 5
Page 200
DAVIS, James (m) JOHNSON, Miss Sallie Nov. 3, 1896
NOLAND, W. A. (m) JOHNSON, Miss Helen Nov. 8, 1896

Book 12
Page 187
HENDON, G.B. (m) NALAND, Miss Mary Nov. 16, 1919
ROBERSON, W.J. (m) LAGROVE, Miss Helen Nov. 21, 1919

Book 16
Page 250
BLOCKER, Charlie Andrew (m) PROGAN, Miss Alta Lirene June 6, 1953
NOLAND, Reginald Woodrow (m) YOW, Miss Elnora June 5, 1953

Page 505
MOBLEY, R. B. (m) ADKINS, Mrs Minnie Johnson Mar. 18, 1961
MOBLEY, R. B. (m) MCCOY, Mrs. E. S. Dec. 7, 1961

SANDERS, J. E. (m) RED, Sallie E. February 19, 1889
By R. N. Compton, Clerk of the County Court, Freestone
(submitted by Millie Sanders Lyon)

Donated by Rick Reed

Mr. E.F.(Enoch Fleming) Metcalf to A.W. Bryan (Amanda White Bryan)
Marriage license issued July 30, 1868 A.C. Anderson, Clerk. The marriage was performed on 4 August 1868 by W.G. Parsons M.G.

Mr. J.A. Reed (Jonathon Augustus) to Miss Joanah Metcalf
Marriage license issued July 18, 1870 A.C. Anderson, Clerk of the district court. The marriage was performed on 28 July, 1870 by F.C. McMillan M.G.

F.C. McMillan was Franklin C. McMillan who was a lay pastor of the Methodist Church which I assume back then was the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

(failed to copy dates)

J.L. Cobb to Bular Odom

Mollie Cartwright to C. Wesley

J.M. Martin to Janie Walker (failed to get date but possibly from Book 3)

Donated by Ann Farnsworth

Captain Cobb to California D. Wigley 31 Oct 1869
Ira G. Cobb to Frances M. Towle 27 June 1850
C.F. Bulllins to Martha Ezell 25 Dec 1881
Anderson Bullin to Tillitha Ezell 16 Nov. 1886
W.H. Cartwright to Julia A. Knight 18 June 1885 (This is William Henry Cartwright)
T.J. Deen to Mrs. R.B. Hughes 27 Jan 1881
S. Durbin to M.E. Hughes 11 Nov 1886
J.T. Ezell to Mary E. Ezell 6 Mar 1881
Pleasant Ezell to Tillitha A. Bottoms 21 Apr 1881
Isaac Ezell to Mrs. C.L. Evans 22 Nov 1883
W.D. Ezell to Elizabeth Waters 16 Sep 1884
T.J. Howell to Parilee I. Ezell 22 Dec 1880
John Hughes to Sarah J. Chanceller 5 Feb 1885
J.F. Hughes to Mrs. D.A. Crawford 31 Sept. 1886
Rany Johnson to A.D. Hughes 8 Apr 1885
C.P. Perryman to Melinda B. Cartwright 12 Nov 1886
C.H. Waters to Mattie Belle Ezell 16 Nov 1884
G.W. Webb to A.K. Ezell 11 Aug 1886
Bullin Thomas to L. Cartwright 21 May 1891
D.C. Ezell to M.J. Beasley 10 Feb 1887
J.L. Rhinehart to N.A. Hughes 17 July 1890 by Butler Webb, J.P.
John B. Hughes to Lula Maddox 14 Feb 1901
J.H. Lanningham to Eliza Hughes 17 Dec 1899
John Shelly to Betsy Ezell 20 Jan 1900
N.L. Richardson to Lula Hughes 1 Jan 1903
W.T. Hughes to Gussie Skinner 14 Oct 1900
H. Carroll to Maud Gilbert 1 Dec 1901
S.O. Allison to Amerlia Ezell 24 Mar 1912
John Bullin to Jewell Ezell 4 Sep 1914
J.M. Black to Nara Cartwright 20 Nov 1912 (this is Joseph Marion Black & Nora Belle Cartwright--- CBurks)
Thos. Wilson Bruce Carroll to Sallie Mae Carter 4 Feb 1916
N.M. Ezell to Laura Thornton 3 Mar 1913
George Ezell to Mrs. Jennie Mae Tillery 26 Oct 1914
W.W. Frazier to Ida Hughes 7 Sep 1913
O.M. Hughes to Cora Perryman 1 Sep 1915
Sidney Knight to Sip Ezell 20 Oct 1913
Joshua Canady to Izetta Johnson 14 Aug 1915
L.S. Bulin to Edna Ezell 1 Dec 1914
Rosadell Long to James R. Allison 19 Nov 1905
Edna Ezell to S.O. Allison 30 Dec 1906 by W.A. Prichard
Maud Been to R.T. Long 3 Nov 1907
W.D. Ezell to Mrs. Sallie Shaw 10 Sep 1905
G.W. Hughes to Arvie Lee Bacon 27 Oct 1908
Mr. Ollie Hughes to Miss Bertie Stephenson 27 Jan 1909 (recorded twice in index)
L.D. Martin to Ora Tanner 22 Aug 1907
Florence Hughes to J.F. McDaniel 3 Jan 1904
Dora Cobb to K.C. Renwick 4 Jul 1908
Frank Savage to Emma Tacker 10 Dec 1905
Evie Wren to J.B. Sandifer 10 Dec 1908
W.A. Tacker to Allie Bell Little 6 Jan 1910
G.W. Wren to Mrs. M.E. Gibson 15 Jun 1905
T.W. Bond to Mrs. Mary McLendon 15 July 1917
Cora Cartwright to Thos. A. Beasley 17 May 1919
Evalina Cartwright to Howard Clark 28 Sep 1918
Murry Cartwright to Mrs. Billie Cora Bell 20 Jan 1922
Byron C. Harrison to Wilma Ann Kulbeth 23 Jul 1919 -- * (corrections submitted by John Kulbeth, Jan 3, 2007)
Tempie Cobbs to Ernest Stephenson 19 Nov 1922
L.T. Tacker to Maggie Shaw 24 Aug 1916
Walter Tacker to Mazell Shelton 15 Mar 1919
Vera Cobb to C.C. Thompson 20 Jun 1918
A.H. White Jr. to Coie Hughes 29 Apr 1922
Altha Bond to Ben Wren 18 Jan 1920
Ules Culbeth to Tempa Bell Jones 22 Dec 1922
Lillie Hughes to O.D. Crook 26 Aug 1923
Lillian Ezell to R.L. Brannon 1 Jan 1924
Fay Bonds to Adgie McDaniel 25 Jun 1927
Andy Cartwright to Beatrice Finley 1 Jan 1929
Velma Hughes to Tolbert Casey 21 Apr 1930
W.B. Cothran to Addie Wren 2 Apr 1924
Doshie Cothran to Clinton Hughes 28 Apr 1930
Mary Estell Dodds to Henry Wiley Ezell 2 May 1928
J.A. Hughes to Lucille Day 6 Jan 1930
Walter Ezell to Emma Lucille Holland 18 Jul 1924
Gladys Hughes to Tom Evans 21 Oct 1929
Zelda Mae Ezell to J.B. Hay 13 Nov 1925
Ellen Hughes to Eddie Earl Foster 29 Jun 1929
Grady Hughes to Frances Garrett 2 Apr 1929
Edward P. Hughes to Verdie Smith 11 Oct 1924
Edward Hughes to Alma Stroud 12 Jan 1929
Doris Estell Savage to John L. Johnson 28 Mar 1925
Eula Lancaster to Bill Thomas 30 Jul 1927
Modene Tucker to Van Hook Stubbs 17 Oct 1929
Robert Doyle Tacker to Ruth Howell 7 Jan 1930
Loyce Wren to Robert Knight 11 July 1926
Miss Della Estelle Aycock to Robert M. Boswell 17 June 1930
R.C. Tacker to Laura Black 8 Nov 1933 (Raymond Cecil) Book 14 1930-1938
Tommie Ciscero Oakes to Hazel Craig 6 Apr 1934
Henry W. Ezell to Miss Ruth Rodges 2 Jan 1932
Earl Ezell to Sue Ella Goodson 24 June 1936
Mrs. Mary Allen Hughes and Rube Edens 31 Jan 1931
Armon Tacker and Louise Gilliam 16 May 1937
Lila Lee Kulbeth and J.D. Harrison 5 July 1933
George Fulton and Vera Hoffman 8 Sep 1933
Edna Earl Hughes and G.W. Jones 20 Sep 1933
Marie Hughes and Richard Brooks 14 Sep 1935
Fay Lanningham and Ernest Johnson 24 Oct 1931
Earl Lewis Long and ___Miller failed to get date Book 14 1930-1938
Lorine Tacker and John William Mullennax 17 Feb 1934
Ollie Mae McKnight and John Finis Hughes 5 Jun 1937
Mrs. Emily Elizabeth Tucker and I.W. Mitchell (no date Book 14 1930-1938)
T.W. Oakes and Eva Webb 5 Feb 1934
Alvie Lee Oakes and Arlene Brotherton 24 Dec 1933
Alonzo Bruton Thomas and LaVerne Canady 7 Mar 1936 (my parents)
H.C. Waters and Frances Castles 18 Oct 1935
Douglas Aycock and Hazel Newell Compton 24 Nov 1935
George Elestres Canady and Dorothy Mae Banks 27 Nov 1937
Pleas Hughes to Ada Walker 14 Nov. 1897 (permission slip taped to license written by parents G.W. and H.E. Walker from Wortham)
E.P. Hughes to Alma Reeves 19 May 1898
Eli Hasty to Sallie Low Ezell 30 Aug 1893
E.E. Turner to Lillie Martin 5 Aug 1885
C.P. Perryman to Melinda B. Cartwright 12 Nov 1886