Wortham School 1909-1911


Wortham School - 1909-1911

Wortham School - 1909-1911, contributed by Ruth Thompson

This picture donated by James Edward Thompson, Grandson of Sallie Blakely Cameron. It is "Wortham  School" and the year is about 1909-1911. The back row left is:
first young lady with the x over her picture is Minnie Abegail Cameron, daughter of Sallie Blakely and Charles Lafayette Cameron ( Minnie died before 1916) The 2nd young lady is her double cousin: Ellen Cameron, daughter of Mary Mae Blakely and Robert Thomas Cameron.( Ellen died in 1915).

Ruth does not know any of the other young persons in the picture, and we hope others out there can help identify all of them. If you know anyone please email me.