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Dec 10, 2008
I'm trying to locate the Freestone Cemetery where Annie Buchanan (West-her last married name) is located. From an article I read, she went to church at Smith Chapel Primitive Baptist Church....also, as legend has it, the same place she died in.  She was by trade a clairvoyant.  Any help would be appreciated.  Stephen R. Farris

Oct 15, 2008
I am trying to locate the graves of James Thomas & Nancy Dunn. James was born in 1814 in Ireland and died Feb 26, 1893 in Wortham. Nancy was born 1823, in Alabama and died before 1870 in Freestone Co. I do not have an exact date of death for her but I know James Thomas Dunn married his second wife, Mary Jane Red, daughter of Elisha Red, on april 14, 1870. Thanks for any help.  Meridee Dunn

Sept. 26, 2008
I am looking for ancestors of my Grandmother, STELLA MITCHELL. I think she was born in Richland but am not sure. She was born 1 March 1889 and marrie Thomas (Tom) Rash of Henderson county. Thank you for any information you can provide.  Ray Rash

Sept. 16, 2008
I am trying to find where in Streetman, TX James E. Barrow & wife, Eugenie Evans, lived. James & Eugenie had at least two children, James C. and Lavatte Barrow. James E. b. 7/26/1871 in AL., d. 3/24/1950 in Corsicana, TX. Burial: Eureka Cemetery, Eureka, TX, residence Streetman, TX. Eugenie Evans b. 7/1/1871 in TX, d. 2/24/1948 in Streetman, TX. Burial Eureka Cemetery; dau of W. A. Evans & Unknown of Streetman, TX
James C. Barrow b 1/21/1909 d. 2/1972 in Conroe, TX. Lavatte Barrow b. 1913,d. unknown
James E. Barrow was an Uncle to Clyde C. Barrow (Bonnie & Clyde) and a brother to H. Frank Barrow of Eureka, TX. The 1930 census for Freestone Co., TX does not list James E. and family but I believe they were in Streetman by 1930 and James is listed as Jim on a wanted poster for Clyde C. Barrow. Anyone knowing of where James E. or W. A. Evans lived in Streetman, TX please let me know. Thanks Dickie Grubbs

July 14, 2008
I am seeking any information on Martha Frances "Fannie" Bateman born Fairfield, Freestone Co., TX about 1865.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you Ginger

July 12, 2008
I've been trying for a number of years to locate any data at all on my wife's grandfather (she was a Simmons before we married) - John Henry Simmons, b. Apr 15, 1885 in Teague, Freestone Co., TX, d. Apr 26, 1958 in Longview, Gregg Co., TX.  He married Lillie Mae Shanks, probably in the late 1890's or early 1900's.  I have some information on Lillie Mae, but nothing at all on John Henry beyond what's shown above.  Thanks for any help.  Doug Simmons

July 1, 2008
I am looking for information on Robert Miller Thompson born 26 Oct 1934 and his brother Glen Newton Thompson born 13 Feb 1937.  They are the sons of Walter and Mamie Thompson.  Thanks for any help Marie Anderson

June 29, 2008
My name is Brenda Dunbar.  I am the daughter of James Dunbar (born and buried Freestone Co.), granddaughter of James King Iane Dunbar/Sallie Robert Dunbar (both born and buried Freestone Co.) and great-granddaughter of George Washington Dunbar/Fannie Lane Ricks Dunbar (not born in but residents from at least 1865 and buried in Freestone Co.).  I have done a great deal of research on the Dunbar side of the family and would like to share it as well as seek new information.  Brenda Dunbar

June 23, 2008
Looking for information on Lillie or Lillith Thompson and Floyd Thompson.  On 1920 census they had a son less than a year old named Floyd Jr.  Did Lillie die before 1930 when a Floyd Thompson was married to Gladys Speed and they lived in Dallas?  Where and when did Lillie die and where is she buried?  Thanks for help Marie Anderson

June 9, 2008
I am looking for any information on my great grandfather Theophilus Mullen (T. M. Mullens), his wife Elizabeth S. Green, and their son, John Henry Mullens, who married Maggie Arizona Lanier (Zona Lanier).  I know T. M. and Elizabeth are buried in Rehoboth Cemetery in Freestone Co., along with their son William Bert (W. B.) Mullens.  Please note the last name is spelled Mullins on some documents.  I also want to find information on their daughter Althy J. Mullens-I believe she died between 15 and 18 years of age.  Theophilus was born 1857, d. 1926, Elizabeth died 1911, William died 1912.
And though I can't find out for sure where - John Henry died approx. 1926.
I also can't find out where my family came from, and cannot find record of Althy, except one census report and cannot find John Henry's resting place.  Per all the Limestone/Freestone info I have, I do not see a connection to any other Mullens in the area.  I have only one piece of info on Theophilus prior to Limestone/Freestone info, that being he was listed as farm labor on a census report in Tyler Co. with a Gibson family in 1880, but he married Elizabeth on May 10, 1882 in Limestone.  If any one has information I would greatly appreciat the help.  Betty

May 17, 2008
I would like to find out if Less Kilgore b. 17 Sep 1894 and d. March 1963 is buried in Freestone Co.  Less lived in Freestone with his wife and child in 1930.  I hope to find a record for him, because I hope to determine if he is a member of the Kilgore family which lived in Navarro Co.  Thank you for any help.  Linda Kent

May 8, 2008
My grandmother was Vernon Compton, daughter of Robert Neville Compton.  I am trying to get the email address of Clark Compton.  I had it but got another computer and somewhere in the transition I lost a lot of my email addresses.  Would Clark please contact me.  Jerry Richards

March 27,2008
On Sept 2, 2007 there was a query placed in reference to Martin/Rawls property from LaVerne Currie.  She had recieved a response and corresponded with someone for a while.  If you sent the response please contact her as she has lost your email and has a new email address herself.  Thanks, LaVerne Currie

March 16, 2008
I am trying to find out when my great-grandparents were married. Great grandmother was Katie J. B. Mayes born in Butler, TX Aug 8, 1877.  She died when my grandfather was two while doing laundry over a wood burning fire (her clothes caught on fire). I would love to find info about parents/siblings, etc.
Great grandfather/husband of Katie is Dr. John French Bell born in Blossom TX Dec 11, 1871.  He died in Oakwood on July 30, 1926.  My grandfather says he married Katie in June of 1900, but I can't find any record.  He married two more times as well.  He married Fay Heart? in about 1908 (I would like to find out this date if possible also) and married Sallie Proctor on Jan 21, 1922.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  Ginger Bell Baden

March 8, 2008
Does anyone have a list of people buried in the cemetery at Rocky Branch near Primitive Baptist Church? The names I am interested in are Mary Pendergrast Sims b. 1873 d. 1953, Arthenia Sims David b. 3/21/1890, d. 1969, her husband John Walter David (no dates), and Allie B. David Price b. 3/2/1910, d. 10/5/1970 and her husband Johnnie Price (no dates). Hope someone can help.  Thanks Lesa

February 25, 2008
Can someone tell me who to contact regarding cleaning the Post Oak Cemetery in Donie?  My dad would like to participate in the clean up as his father is buried there.  Thank You.  Pat Keenan

February 1, 2008
I am looking for information on Alfred D. Metheney.  I think he was a Dr. or Minister as his name was on Scholastic census 1855, his daughter Valency Metheney and another girl was listed Texanna Clapp, I think she was a step daughter.  He may be the father of another girl, Sarah Elizabeth Metheney that married Ithamer S. Singletary.  I found the marriage in the Freestone archival marriage book A site.  They were married Dec. 4, 1852. Ithamer S. is my GGGrandfather and I believe she was my GGGrandmother.  I have been unable to find a Metheney listed in the Limestone Co. census or the Freestone County Federal census.  I am guessing but she and Ithamer had 3 maybe 4 kids and in the late around 1857 she was no longer with him maybe died. He married another lady with kids in Montague Co. late 1850 possibly early 1860.
His father Evan Singletary appeared on the same scholastic census as Alfred D. Metheney, the family lived there a short time before moving on to Montague Co., TX. The family moved from Milam Co., then Freestone Co., then from there they settled down in Montague.
I would love to find any information on the Metheney side of the marriage, what I have written here is all I have on the name.
Thank you, Lillie Bomesberger

January 26, 2008
I am trying to locate the record or cemetery for a ggggrandfather, Jordan Ward, born 1776 in Pitt, N.C., lived his later years as a farmer in Freestone Co., TX. Wife's name was Hanna (Swain) Ward. I am trying to get an Ancestry Pioneer certificate on him, but cannot find his death or final resting place. Any help would be a blessing.  Zola Christensen

January 23, 2008
I am looking for any information on the following surnames in Freestone Co. area: Kirkpatrick, Wicker, Debnam and Diggs.  My gggrandfather was Hugh Taylor Kirkpatrick and his wife was Rebecca Elizabeth Wicker. They had the following children: Jonathan, Francis (female), James Edward, Mary Elizabeth, Margaret Jane, H. F., and George T.  Rebecca's parents were Mathias and Zylphia Wicker. Her siblings were John Appleton, Hamelton F., Nancy Caroline, Henry H., Martha Catherine, Frances A., Jane and Adam. Thanks for any help.  Ginger Kirkpatrick Martin

January 22, 2008
Looking for info on Andrew Barry Hanna, often referred to as A. B. Hanna.  He was a survivor of the "Black Bean Expedition" also known as the Meir Expedition during the period of the Republic of Texas.
We know he died in Freestone Co. about 1855-1856.  We assume he is buried there, but no one knows where.  His name is on the Freedom Monument in LaGrange. We also believe at the time of his death he was a school teacher. Both his uncle and grandfather were members of the Colonial army from S. Carolina and his grandmother was honored by the DAR for her service during the American Revolution, her name was Kate Barry.  Any help would be appreciated.  James Hanna

January 5, 2008
I am looking for the burial place of my gggrandmother, Eliza J. Merrell Corley.  Also the burial of an infant daughter first name started with "U".  Eliza J.'s husband was R. W. Corley called R. W., name was Rufus Wright Corley.  They had 2 daughters Zella b 1887 and U----? b 1879.  They were on the 1880 census.  Born in 1884 was daughter Carrie and in 1886 was born son Elmo.  On the 1890 census Eliza J. and "U" were not there.  Granny said they died and were buried in Limestone Co. Some one said Mexia.  However R. W. remarried in 1891 in Limestone Co. to a Mattie Perkns.  Does anyone have any info?
I am also looking for my gggrandfather Bartley G. Gilcrease and his wife Sarah Sophronia Alexander. He died about 1893 in Freestone Co. Sarah died after 1860.  Looking for help!  Beverly

January 5, 2008
I am looking for information on Bartley G. Gilcrease and his wife Sarah Sophronia Alexander Gilcrease.  He died about 1893 in Freestone Co., Sarah died after 1860.  Looking for help!!  Thanks, Beverly