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Dec 31, 2014
I am trying to find information on my great-grandmother, Ella Ellen Smith. She was born on 23 SEP 1874. She married Sidney Moulder on January 13, 1895. On her death certificate, it lists a Tom Smith as her father, but her mother was unknown. We have been told that her parents died when she was young, and was raised by someone else. Any information would be appreciated. Stacie Guess

Nov 5, 2014
I am helping my cousin with his Brown family research. According to what we have been able to find, his great grandmother Martha “Mattie” Brown, maiden name Jones, died 19 Nov 1902 in Freestone County. She was the wife of William Henry Brown, sometimes rendered Henry William Brown. They had four children I am aware of, Henry Jackson Brown (1880-1964), Eva Lulu Brown (1886-1979), Homer Brown (1897-?) and Talmadge Wilkinson Brown (1898-1965). According to Talmadge’s death certificate, his mother was Mary Jones and his father was Henry Brown. Henry Jackson Brown’s death certificate lists mother and father as unknown and I have not been able to locate a death certificate for Eva or Homer.
Since the online Texas death certificates do not start until 1903, I cannot check to see if a death certificate is available for Mary/Martha/Mattie Brown in the county but was hoping you might be able to post this query and perhaps someone could do a lookup for me locally. I live in Virginia, otherwise I would go there myself. Thank you. Leighton Turner

July 26, 2014
My sister and I are interested in our family’s history. The Easterlings lived in Limestone County for a period of time. There was a conflict between the Easterlings and the Haddicks over some cows in 1932. Although, we have read newspaper accounts of this dispute we would like to talk with or communicate with members of the Haddick family. We hope to learn more about the event from possible recollections of it in their family. Can you put us in touch with a Haddick family member? Thank you, Dana Markl