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June 16, 2016
I am looking for information on a Robert P. Oliver The County Clerk said she has a probate record but its very hard to read. It is for a R. oliver 1859 not sure if this is my relative. The only info I have is from Ancestry (I know can be very unreliable) Robert P. Oliver died 8 May 1892 at 101 years of age??? in Freestone Co. But I can not find a record of him at any graveyard in the county?? Can anyone help?  Church of God

Feb 17, 2016
Looking for any information about Eli D. Hanks and wife Anne Mariah Hardin (maiden name?). They lived in several counties, including Anderson Co., circa 1800's. Clay Brewington

Feb 14, 2016
David Parker with his wife Sinthia and family are on the 1870 census at Fairfield Post Office. By 1880 David is not to be found and his children are scattered among relatives. I have been unable to locate where he and Sinthia married or her last name. His daughter Martha Ann Parker and WH Joner did apply for a marriage license on 4-27-1871. David came with Parker and Pursley families from Illinois around 1850 to Montgomery and Walker Co. No idea why he moved to Fairfield. Any help appreciated.
Kathryn Bell Lillard