Confederate Pension Information


Submitted by Modene (Knight) Thornton

FAIRFIELD RECORDER, April 30, 1909 issue


I have received several inquiries as to the change made by the present Legislature in the Ex-Confederate Pension Law. The changes made are as follows:
1. The date of marriage of widows is raised from prior to Mar. 1, 1866, to Mar. 1, 1880.
2. The definition of the word “indigent” is entirely eliminated. In it place an applicant is rendered eligible unless he has property in excess of $1000 (household good and wearing apparel excluded), or unless he receives an income or annuity in excess of $150 annually.
3. Application is made to the County Judge, but does not require his approval, neither does require the approval of the Commissioners’ Court. And the application can be made at any time.
4. Proof of inability to make support by labor, of any sort, and a certificate by a physician showing the applicant’s physical condition, is entirely eliminated.
5. The fiscal year for all accounts shall begin on September the 1st of each year.
6. The office of Pension Commissioner is created, and when this law goes into effect, pension matters shall be under his charge.
7. It amends the law with regard to making proof; in certain instances, so far as it relates to widows of Ex-Confederates; making proof more easily made.
This law, as amended, does not go into effect until June 12, 1909.
R. L. Williford County Judge