90th Birthday


Contributed by Mike Bonner

The following is taken from a clipping of "The Teague Chronicle" published in 1945. It concerns Nancy Theodosia Jones, daughter of Lewis Calloway Jones and Clara Ann Reynolds. Everyone called her by the nickname "Puss." She was born in Fayette Co., AL in 1855 and died in Teague, Freestone Co., TX in 1951. She married John Strother in AL; he died. She married DeWitt Kimble Compton, son of William Scott Compton and Angelina Louisa Gunn, in 1879 in Freestone Co. Michael Edd Bonner, her great-grandson, is the contributor.

Mrs. D. K. Compton Celebrates 90th Birthday Dec. 27

Mrs. D. K. Compton celebrated her 90th birthday Dec. 27 when had dinner at Boles Cafe with her daughters Angie and Belle [sic] and her grandaughter [sic], Angie May.

She wore a black taffeta dress and coat with a beautiful white carnation corsage.

She waits on herself and keeps her own room cleaned. She walks to see her friends and takes out door exercise when the weather is pretty. This keeps her looking half her age.

She married D. K. Compton on Dec. 17, 1879. They lived in Dew until they moved back to Teague just before the railroad was laid. She has watched Teague grow from a country village to the town it now is.

Greenwood Cemetery is on the land where her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jones lived when they first moved to Brewer, now Teague.

Mrs. Compton is well known and loved by her many friends. She has made two trips to New York and one to California in the last few years.

She received fifty Christmas and birthday cards from six different states and may nice gifts.

Mrs. Compton has five children living: J. W. Compton, Palestine; L. B. Compton, Teague; Mrs. Betty Starck, Burbank, Calif.; Mrs. H. W. LeGro, Bath, N. Y.; Mrs. Ed. M. Watson, Streetman. Fourteen grandchildren, five of which were in the armed forces: Major Joe W. Compton, stationed in Florida; Lt. Elizabeth Watson in the WAVEs, stationed in San Diego, Calif.; Kimble Compton, Dallas; Billie and Gene LeGro, both in New York, and 13 great-grandchildren.

Mrs. Compton hopes to live long enough to see all our men and women in service return home. She is now planning to live to be 100.