Littleton Emmons


Contributed by Annette Burdett

(date unknown)

by Rev. I. O. Dent

The subject of this sketch, Littleton Emmons, son of Reagan and Mattie Emmons, residing about four miles east of Fairfield, was born July 30, 1924 and died July 22, 1927. The life of this little boy, though begun and ended on dates very near each other, was a source of joy and comfort to parents and grandparents; and more especially to the grandparents on the father's side of the house because of their having lost a lovely daughter a few days before he was born. As Grandmother Emmons said, his coming seemed to fill in a way, the place in their hearts made vacant by the death of their own dear Derwin.

Littleton was indeed a wonderful child. His smiles, his questions, and the ease and composure with which he met those older than himself indicated, that in intelligence, he was far in advance of many his age, and we often wonder why one thus endowed should be so soon removed from the walks of men. To this query, however, I offer no answer or explanation but feel in my heart that it is better for us all to have known and loved one like him, though for so brief a time, than never to have had our way through this old world brightened and sweetened by the sunshine and fragrance of his short life.

To parents and grandparents I would say, as you wait and look for the twilight, while life's sun slowly sinks behind the western hills, and you in memory hear the patter of little feet, as other small children may pass by, may the sound thereof be to you as that of the Master's voice when he said "suffer the little ones to come unto me."

The spirit of your little son has winged its flight to that land where the sun never sets and the rainbow never fades, and it is the prayer of this humble scribe that to you heaven may seem nearer and dearer since you know that Littleton is up there waiting to welcome you into the city of God.