The Meningitis Situation


Transcribed by MaryFrances Flournoy 15 August 2007
(by permission of the Fairfield Recorder)

From the Fairfield Recorder, Fairfield, Texas
2 February 1912


There have been no new cases in Fairfield in over two weeks.
The two children of W. E. Manahan, five miles from town reported in last week's paper as having meningitis, are recovering.
Cora, the little five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris George, about five miles southwest of town, was reported Monday, to have Meningitis, and the serum treatment was used successfully, and she is better.
Teague is reported to have four or five cases with one death, the past few days.
There have been four cases in and near Kirven the past few days as follows:
Mrs. S. McCown, a Mr. Keys, child of O. T. Richardson and Cliff Harriss, son of M. H. Harriss. All are recovering except Cliff, who died Monday night.
Thursday morning, a little child of Mr. Utley was reported to have meningitis, at Kirven.
The little child of W. J. Hancock, of Donie, who was reported ill with meningitis last week is recovering.