44 School Districts


The Teague Chronicle
September 9, 1937

Interesting items and worthwhile facts are always to be obtained through a chat with County Superintendent, Furney Richardson and his assistant, Miss Shelma Carlisle, when they can be caught with a few moments on their hands. One such matter that came to the attention of this roving reporter was the fact that in 1912, when Mr. Richardson first became county superintendent, there were 44 different common school districts supporting schools for whites and these independent districts. The picture today shows 24 common and six independent districts. What became of the others? Consolidation provides the answer for most of them, with growth into independent districts telling the tale of the others. Improved highways and better methods of transportation plus increased state interest in rural education has made possible this decrease in school districts and it's accompanying increase in educational facilities.

Once a community fought tooth and toenail to keep its little one or two-teacher school, regardless of the decline in scholastics of the greater advantages to be obtained through consolidation or transfer. Today people realize that the education of the child is the important thing -- not merely the where of his schooling. When reminiscing about schools of yesteryear, Mr. Richardson mentioned that there were 44 such common districts and then proceeded to name them in numerical order with ease. Can you remember where all of them were?

1. Mt Zion 12. Lanely 23. Blount 34. Liberty
2. St. Elmo 13. Freestone 24. Cedar 35. Burnett Chapel
3. Turlington 14. Couchman 25. Luna 36. Owen Chapel
4. Dew 15. Kirven 26. Riondo 37. Providence
5. Cotton Gin 16. Steward's Mill 27. Grange Hall 38. Grove Island
6. Shanks 17. Butler 28. Hopewell 39. Donie
7. New Hope 18. Aguilera 29. Post Oak 40. Cross Roads
8. Martin 19. Streetman 30. Pyburn 41. Concord
9. Wilson Chapel 20. Trahin 31. Ward Prairie 42. Black Jack
10. Old Zion 21. River 32. Burleson 43. Burleson Hill
11. Mills 22. Webb 33. Young 44. Old Union