F. F. Sims


The Teague Chronicle
July 3, 1936

F. F. Sims, City Manager, has presented a number of interesting documents that hark back to the period of American history prior to the war between the states. One that is interesting to the average citizen of the Twentieth Century is a receipt given for the payment of two young negro slaves, the payment having been made by J. F. Rutherford, grandfather of Mr. Sims. The family, in 1848, was preparing to move to Texas, and in order to avoid separating the family of those held as slaves, a purchase was made, and the entire family brought to Texas, the Rutherfords settling at Cross Roads a few miles southeast of Teague. Following is a copy of the ancient receipt, though not dated, evidently was written in the year of 1848: Butler, Ala.: Received of J. F. Rutherford, Eight hundred dollars in full for a negro boy named Anderson, about fourteen years of age. Also a negro girl named Louisa, about nine years of age, which property I warrant and defend from all persons lawfully claiming the same. Also sound and healthy. G. B. Hays