A. T. Watson Family


Contributed by Mike Bonner

Alexander Tazewell Watson, son of John Watson and Martha D. "Patsy" Echols, was born 28 February 1845 in Williamson Co., TN and died at Stewards Mill, Freestone Co., TX 24 January 1917. Martha Elizabeth "Mat" Whitaker, daughter of Major Pleasant Clarke Whitaker and Rebecca Jane Hinton, was born in Falls Co., TX 6 February 1849 and died at Stewards Mill, Freestone Co., TX 13 December 1929. They were merchants, farmers, and ranchers. They  and their four sons are buried in Stewards Mill Cemetery.

Bible in possession of Michael Edd Bonner of Flower Mound, TX,  great-grandson of A. T. & Martha Whitaker Watson. The deteoriated  Bible is missing the title page. The pages themselves have separated  from the large leather binding. The handwriting on the "Family History" pages is beginning to fade. The transcription follows:

This Certifies that the Rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between A. T. Watson of Freestone Co., Tex. and Martha E. Whitaker of Freestone Co., Tex. on 27th day of Feb. 1867 at Stewards Mill, Tex. by Rev. Tom Bonner.

A. T. Watson was born Feb. 28th 1845
Martha E. Watson was born Feb. 6th 1849
John P. Watson Feb. 22nd 1870
Charles H. Watson Nov. 19th 1874
Edward M. Watson Jan. 15, 1878
William Terry Watson Jun. 5th. 1881
Mattie Vic Watson Jan. 30 1894
Marvin Lee Watson July 24 1895
Marjorie May Watson Oct 28 1900
Dorothy Grace Watson Aug 5 1907
Olive Leola Watson Aug 22 1909
Elizabeth Watson Sep 11 1909
Edward Monroe Watson, Jr. Sep 26 1911
Ruth Louise Watson May 5 1914
Angie May Watson Oct. 14 1919
Anita Christine Watson Jan 31 1925

John P. Watson married Anna Wells March 12th 1893
Charles H. Watson married May Beauchamp Oct 10th 1899
Edward M. Watson married Grace Beauchamp Nov. 24 1904
William Terry Watson married Ada McAdams Sep 1907
Edward M. Watson married Angie Compton Dec. 21, 1918
Mattie Vick Watson married V. H. Warfield Oct 26,1921
Marvin Watson married Sallie Manahan July 13, 1918
Marjorie Watson married Aubry Bass Feb. 24, 1921
Dorothy Watson married Frank Bragg Nov. 27, 1941
Ruth Watson married Alvis Calame March 16, 1935
Elizabeth Watson married L. G. Daughterty March 30, 1950
Edward Watson, Jr. married Mildred Chavers June 20, 1934
Leola Watson married Ramon Coffman May 14, 1932
Angie May Watson married Edd R. Bonner Nov. 21, 1937
Christne Watson married Frank H. Marsters,Jr.Nov.24, 1944 Olympia, Washington

John Pleasant Watson Died Nov 9th at 11 o'clock p.m. 1911
A. T. Watson Jan. 24, 1917
Grace Beauchamp Watson died June 14, 1916