Letter from Wm. Dickson to brother Henry Dickson


Contributed by Randell Tarin

About 1870, a branch of my family came to Texas and ended up in Limestone County. In 1871, my 2nd great grandfather wrote to his brother in Columbia County, Arkansas giving him directions on how to get to the community of Honest Ridge (now only a cemetery) in Limestone County.

Part of the directions took him through what I believe is Freestone County and make reference to "Mr. Weaver" near "Bonner's Ferry", which I believe is his father-in-law.
Please find attached the text of the letter. I have the original. Feel free to publish it online.

In the summer of 1871, Dr. William Crawford Dickson wrote to his brother, Henry C. Dickson, giving him instructions on how to get from Columbia County, Arkansas to Honest Ridge, Limestone County, Texas.

Way bill from Columbia Co., Ark. to Honest Ridge;Limestone,Co.,Tex,
Shreveport La. thru to 80
Henderson in Rusk Co. 75
Thru to Rusk in Cherokee Co. 30
Thru to Palestine in Anderson Co. 35
Thru to Bonners Ferry on Trinity River 12
Thru to Fairfield in Freestone Co. 22
Thru to Cottongin in " " 12
Thru to Mr. Henry's Limestone Co. 12
(directly west of Cottengin.)
Thru to Comanche cropping on
the Navisota River. 5
Thru to Mrs. Wards 2

Mr. Weaver lives 7 miles from Bonners Ferry on James Prairie. If you stop at Mr. Weaver's (I wish that you would), then come Directly to Cottongin.
Dock [sic] the whole trip will cost you about 20 or 25 dollars special & one months' time, & I don't think you would regret the trip even if you decide to stay in Columbia.
You would see the country for yourself, see both its good & bad qualities, & I want you to come this summer for perhaps it will suit me better to ride round with you this year than next. you can make some arrangement to get enough fodder saved, & if it dries on the stalk you will gain its worth in corn.

The prosperity of the Railroads will cause the land to rise a good deal in the next 12 months in the country I want you to look at. Write me as soon as you get this if you are coming & what time you will start.
Let me hear from you oftener anyhow. I have not decided yet where I will settle. Have seen but little of the country. Have stayed pretty close to home on matters.