Josephine Bradley


Contributed by Eric Wood

The Fairfield Recorder
Sept 26, 1890-Sept 20, 1895

Transcribed by Ann Farnsworth
Fairfield Genealogical Society, copyright 2003

p. 64 - "May 25, 1894"

Death of Mrs. Josephine Bradley

Last Thursday evening a large number of friends and relatives and acquaintances assembled in the Fairfield Cemetery to pay the last tribute of respect and love to one who is widely known for her kindness and generally loved for her goodness.  Mrs. Josephine Bradley, wife of Mr. G. T. Bradley of Stewards Mill, died Wednesday morning, May 23rd, 1894.

Mrs. Bradley was born in Wilcox County, Alabama about 50 years ago and had lived in the county 35 years.  She leaves two children, a son and a daughter. The late W. H. McCrery was her brother.

She was a member of the Presbyterian Church and died in the hopes that there is a rest for the children of God.  When the summons of the Master came she was ready to go.

There is a peace that the earth cannot give; there are comforts but they fall from immortal lips, there are smiles that strengthen and bless and save, but they have origin of eternity.  May the bereaved family receive them all."

p. 65-66 "June 8, 1894"

In Memory of Mrs. Joe L. Bradley

"O world!  So few the years we live
Would that the life which then dost give
Were life indeed!
Alas!  They sorrows fall so fast,
Our happiest hour is when at last
The soul if freed."

Steadily one by one the circle of our loved ones on the other shore is increasing.  Those who are left are lives and hollowed our home are quietly passing from earth to the "city celestial" there to dwell and wait the coming of those left here.

Silently as all the zephyrs stirred by the breezes does the angel of death beckon them across to join that sweet voice choir whose music rings on forever and no pain or sorrow do they know for there the fountain of perpetual peace runs.

Again we have been called to mourn the loss of a dear one:  the sunshine and happiness of a home has been blighted, a chair which had can never be filled is left vacant there, a lasting void is in our church and community in general in the death of a true Christian woman.

Mrs. Joe L. Bradley, wife of Mr. G. T. Bradley, and youngest daughter of Rev. Joseph and Mary McCreary, was born Nov 27, 1844 in Wilcox County, Alabama, but moved with her mother to this county when quiet young, where she was raised and educated and lived surrounded by a host of friends and relatives who esteemed and loved her dearly until

"Her soul to Him who gave it rose,
God lead it to its long repose
in glorious rest."

The deceased was a member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in which she was a most dutiful and humble member, exemplifying in her every act the true Christian.

She was a mother to the orphan, ever ready to fold them into her loving arms and quiet their sobs of woe with sweet words of consolation and hope;  her hand was always open to the poor and needy, her heart was susceptible to the least touch of human sympathy, her ears heard the faintest cries of distress.

She was ever ready and willing to perform the duties to advance the cause of her holy Master.  We can truly say work and not words characterized her glorious life.

Truly this loss is great; yet in the wisdom of God it is all good; and to those mourn there is a solace for even through our tears we can see that "He is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart and comforteth such as for a contrite spirit."

We can not call our departed ones back to this transient sphere, but let us trust we may go to them.

Then let us commit ourselves and our all into His hands and say in the words of the meek and lowly Jesus, "Thy will be done".