How Can We Save Our Cemeteries?

Page last updated:  September 12, 2014


For some time now I have been troubled by seeing cemeteries that are unkept and in danger of being lost.  After receiving the following email I decided to see if someone could help and give some pointers on this. I have this gentleman's phone number if anyone knows how to help him out.  If others out there are concerned about a cemetery please email me and I will post it here.


Hello, My name is Lane McGee, I am a direct descendant of the founders of the first church and cemetery in Freestone Co. Oak Island, My Great Great Great Parents where Samuel N. Archibald and Mary Ann (Saffel) Archibald. I recently went to the Cemetery to show my Children, I was in complete disgust, how could this Happen? It has not been mowed in years an unknown person has been parking his 18 wheeler truck directly in front of the whole place, you can tell he has been parking his truck there for years. No one can even see the Cemetery for the truck and there are no signs to it from Cotton Gin.
The Historic Marker Placed there in 1972 is almost completely grown over with vines. I could not believe my eyes. This is the First Cemetery and Church in Freestone Co. and the weeds are so tall you can not even see the Tomb Stones, I was so ashamed to show my 12 and 7 year old kids that no one cared enough about there ancestors even to keep the place mowed once a year.
I guess no one knows its there or cares. I do not at this time have the money to get the place mowed, or a tractor or I would mow it myself. I made my kids promise me if anything happen to me they would remember where it is, and when their old enough try to get it took care of , and that it was very important to me and should be to them.
Do you Know of anything that can be done now? will the County Help, or should I try to form a Cemetery Association. I do not know where to start. Please Help, I will send you some Pictures, it is Horrible.
Lane R. McGee