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Kilgore Baptist Church Cemetery
African American Cemetery
Located on Commerce Street (across from Driller Park) in Kilgore.

Thanks go to Patricia Couch Grimes for reading this cemetery for our use!
** Patricia says: there are MANY unmarked graves there, graves that only had funeral markers that can no longer be read, stones that have sunk
underground as well as stones unreadable. Of what can be read: this cemetery is now complete as of 11/2005. It is an active cemetery though.  UPDATE: Pictues added by Etta Withers & Elaine Martin 10/2007.

Thanks to Matthew Ainsworth for submitting his family informtion.

The fence at the back of the cemetery is what seperates Kilgore City Cemetery from Kilgore Baptist Church Cemetery.

ADAWAY, Leslie B
b: 12/8/1945          d: 11/9/1975

*The Following Headstone has 4 names, all died on the same date*
AGNEW, Dalvin
b: 5/14/1969       d: 4/7/1975
AGNEW, Mendora
b: 4/7/1943          d: 4/7/1975
AGNEW, Tywla
b: 4/27/1964         d: 4/7/1975
AGNEW, Hattie
b: 1/4/1962            d: 4/7/1975

AGNEW, Donald T.          "Son"
b: 1/19/1962            d: 2/24/1965
Double Stone:          "God Called Them To Rest"
AGNEW, Brigett A.          "Daughter"
b: 8/7/1964          d: 2/24/1965

ALEXANDER, Brenda J        . "Daughter" "Gone but Not Forgotten"
b: 7/1948        d: 4/1953

ALEXANDER, Mrs. Estella
b: 12/15/1895            d: 6/10/1982

ALEXANDER, Geneva         "In Loving Memory"
b: 4/1/1903        d: 12/15/1971

ALEXANDER, Rev H C         Husband of Mary E
b: 1863            d: 1946

*Dates cannot be read, stone sunk underground*

ALEXANDER, Mary E          Wife of Rev H C Alexander (NOTE: name spelled Elexander on bottom of stone)
b: 1/18/1870           d: 12/5/1923

ALEXANDER, Roscoe         Infant son of Rev & Mrs H C Alexander

ALEXANDER, Roy            Texas Pvt US Army WWI
b: 12/2/1896            d: 9/4/1965

ALEXANDER, Samuel L.       "In Loving Memory"
b: 5/1/1926          d: 10/24/1991

ALLEN, Issac J.
10/6/1997 (one date)

AMERSON, Ida B          Mother and Grandmother, gone but not forgotten
b: 4/16/1916            d: 2/27/1993

WHITMORE-AMEY, Etta             d/o Roberta Daniels Whitmore
D. 9/22/1986

AMEY, Alfred Lawrence            s/o Etta Whitmore-Amey
d. 1989

ANTHONY, James Edward            "My Loving Son"
b: 6/2/1960            d: 8/29/1998

ANTHONY, Jesse James "Rillea"          "My Beloved Husband"
b: 3/30/1943         d: 10/22/1998

b: 8/1/1945          d: 7/31/2005

b: 1953      d. 2004

ARTIS, Dr R C (This could be Dr R Cartis)        no dates

AUSTIN, Katie B Preston          At Rest
b: 4/12/1898         d: 2/25/1975

BATISTE, Anthony R

BEAN, John Alvin           US Army WWII
b: 1/17/1930           d: 6/3/1989

BEAN, Rosie Bell           Rest in Peace
b: 12/12/1915           d: 5/8/1968

BELL, Alonzo "Woot"
b: 9/16/1916         d: 1/13/2002

BELL, Emma
b: 12/18/1896         d: 5/3/1979

BELL, Luke Clarence         "Daddy" "In God's Care"
b: 1/3/1897         d: 9/24/1988

BENNETT, Obelia Cheesebrough          No dates

BOHAMAN, Allie M.         "Rest In Peace"
b: 1894        d: 1953

BOOTY, Sarah                Wife of C P Booty
b: 5/30/1878          d: 1/6/1916

BOWIE, Caroline
b: 1851        d: 1915

BRADFORD, Edward James           "Love the Lord Thy God with All Thine Heart"
b: 3/14/1892           d: 8/17/1972

BRADFORD, Mercedes         "Always in My Heart"
b: 12/7/1924       d: 3/24/2000

BRADFORD, R.D.          "As For Me and My House, we will serve the Lord"
b: 9/27/1899             d: 2/10/1963

BRADFORD, Woodrow         Tx PVT WWII
b: 8/15/1916           d: 9/7/1960

BRADLEY, Aubrey          "In Loving Memory"
b: 10/28/1931        d: 10/23/1998

b: 8/29/1944         d: 8/15/2004

BRADLEY, Rosetta R
d: 2/22/1926

BRITT, Richard Lee             US Air Force, Korea
b: 7/23/1932        d: 2/1/1991

BRITT, Stellie Jr.
b: 11/29/1930         d: 7/25/1962

BRITTON, Ray             Tx Pvt US Army WWII
b: 5/18/1918           d: 9/3/1966

BROWN, Andrew James, Sr.           "Father"
b: 2/16/1913            d: 1/15/1982

BROWN, Clara
b: 8/14/1885          : 12/8/1971

BROWN, Mary L.          "Aunt"
b: 1/7/1909         d: 9/8/1989

BROWN, Minnie Ola          "Mother"
b: 1/23/1920         d: 10/2/1984

BROWN, Virgil Lorenzo             SSgt. US Army WWII
b: 4/28/1925           d: 10/8/1977

b: 1931           d: 2005

b: 12/7/1902        d: 3/21/1975

BRYSON, Annie M.         "Mother"
b: 3/28/1916          d: 4/26/1975

BUFORD, Dennis
b: 5/27/1910         d: 10/15/1947

BUTLER, Elias A.        Pvt. US Army WW I
b: 5/8/1894        d: 2/23/1974

CALICO, Christene Bell          "Our Beloved Sister & Aunt"
b: 4/25/1925        d: 4/12/1988

CARTIS, Dr R (This could be Dr R C Artis)        no dates

d: 7/22/1944

b: 1/6/1913         d: 1/30/1973

COLEMAN, Artie Alexander
b: 12/16/1916           d: 6/4/1973

COLEMAN, Creola Strange          Obit; age 52; W/o James

COLEMAN, Henry        Tx. Pvt. 3180 QM SVC Co WW II
b: 2/12/1912       d: 7/29/1964

COLEMAN, Herman          "Our Loved One"
b: 9/29/1916        d: 8/6/1956

b: 1951          d: 2000

COLLIER, Belle              "She was the Sunshine of our Lives"
b: 10/10/1848          d: 1/1/1929

(COREY, Rev. H.M.
COREY, Ada           (one date)

COTTON, Sadie Pentecost
b: 11/29/1885          d: 3/29/1956

CRABB, Sis Mary Miller
b: 6/19/1935          d: 12/5/1988

b: 3/12/1887          d: 7/11/1971

DANIEL, Martha Templeton         w/o Wesley Daniels Sr
b. 1865            d. 1940

DANIELS, Augustus                 d/o Wesley Sr & Martha Templeton Daniels

DANIELS, Alberta
b: 9/24/1924         d: 5/27/1977

DANIELS, David            Military Stone
Only the name can be read, the stone is sunk into the ground

DANIELS, Elder             Sgt. US Army WW II
b: 2/8/1924       d: 3/17/1993

DANIELS, Frank          Tx. Pvt. US Army WW II
b: 1/28/1909         d: 5/23/1972

b: 6-3-1913        d: 9-10-1955

b: 1915         d: 1966

DANIELS, Lewis              d/o Wesley Sr & Martha Templeton Daniels
b. 3/16/1887

DANIELS, Mrs. Lottie
b: 8/25/1917         d: 12/6/2003

b: 4/3/1925        d: 5/20/2004

(DANIELS, Robert Earl             (one date) "Son"
DANIELS, Pauline          (one date) "Mother"

DANIELS, Texana             My Mother, Rest in Peace
b: 8/7/1908           d: 1/28/1984

DANIELS, Wesley Jr                
d. 1982d/o Wesley Sr & Martha Templeton Daniels

DANIELS, Wesley Sr           h/o Martha Templeton Daniels
b. 9/2/1852          d. 9/18/1942

DANSBY, Lizzie             At Rest
b: 1886           d: 1954

DAVE, Elder E C           Father
b: 2/14/1888          d: 8/7/1949

DAVIS, Elijah             At Rest
d: April 1964

DAVIS, Gertrude          "Sleep in Jesus"
b: 11/9/1900           d: 2/12/1974

DAVIS, Julia
b: 7/1893        d: 11/1974

DAVIS, Susie             (one date)

DEAN, Joe Rogers           Texas STM3C WWII
b: 2/23/1927            d: 10/11/1947

DOUGLAS, Mrs. Hattie             (one date)
d: 2/15/1956

DUNN, George
b: 1885           d: 1950

DUNN, Mandy          Aged 50 years
d: 3/11/1907

ECTOR, Charles A              Texas TEC5 1699 ENGR CMBT BN WWII
b: 3/5/1920          d: 5/3/1949

ECTOR, Herbert
b: 4/1/1890            d: 5/30/1942

ECTOR, Ophelia
b: 2/1/1888           d: 12/17/1988

EDWARDS, Randolph          "Have Faith In God"
b: 1/1/1900        d: 7/21/1991

b: 8/12/1904            d: 8/14/1978

EPHRAM, George
b: 11/22/1870          d: 10/4/1952

EVANS, Nettie Morgan        obit; age 82; Funeral Home Marker
b: 10/29/1923             d. 2/11/2006

(FIELDS, William            "Father"
b: 2/28/1914          d: 6/14/1968
FIELDS, Lee Ann         "Baby" "We Will Meet Again"
b: 5/17/1947        d: 2/14/1948)

b: 12/25/1911          d: 7/2/1981

FLENNOY, Gilliam W               Tx Pvt US Army WWII
b: 5/13/1916         d: 5/1/1968

b: 11/1/1883          d: 1/16/1974

FORD, James Roy
b: 1924         d: 1985

FORTE, Josephine        "In Loving Memory"
b: 1/1/1908         d: 10/31/1984

FRENCH, Odessa A.         "Mother"
b: 1/23/1912            d: 2/9/1981

GETER, Eddie         Pvt. 1st Class US Army WWII
b: 6/14/1926         d: 6/28/1995

GETER, Eloise Portley         "Wife of Eddie Geter"
b: 4/11/1940        d: 8/9/1989

GILLIAM, Annie Lee           taken f rom obit; age 77; w/o M T Gilliam Sr
d. 5/2006

b: 9/10/1963         d: 1/13/1980

GLOVER, Corine
b: 1/10/1908        d: 7/23/1988

b: 1907        d: 1968

(GRAHAM, Evelyn              "Mother"
b: 4/11/1919           d: 4/15/2000
married: 7/13/1946          "Rest in Peace"
GRAHAM, Charles Amos         (one date)
b: 9/14/1922)

GREEN, Jack Virginia         Pvt. US Army WW II
b: 10/7/1907         d: 1/18/1974

GREEN, Pearl V             wife of Henry Green
b: 2/3/1879            d: 4/18/1946

GRIFFIN, Christopher M.           "In Loving Memory"
b: 9/21/1972       d: 4/5/

HALL, Etta          d/o Wesley Sr & Martha Templeton Daniels

b: 4/15/1910          d: 8/25/1989

HALL, Maggy
b: 5/19/1917         d: 11/1/1974

HALL, Seaonia H.
b: 11/19/1923        d: 9/3/1986

HANSON, Henry           age 66 years -- At Rest
died 12/3/1926

HARDEMAN, John Elbert Jr           s/o Morene Whitmore; MSSA US Navy
b. 8/30/1965          d. 6/4/1994

HARRIS, Alfred               Tx, PVT WWII
b: 2/3/1923          d: 3/6/1959

HAYNES, Imogene
b: 12/25/1923       d: 7/17/1999
Double Stone
b: 3/9/1919         d: 11/16/1994

HENDERSON, Timothy           MM2 US Navy WWII
b: 11/17/2004           d: 8/2/1979

HENRY, Cecil Costroma            Texas US Navy WWII
b: 11/8/1913            d: 11/23/1964

HENRY, George
b: 10/23/ 1972           d: 4/13/1924

HENRY, Mary Abner
b: 1900           d: 1976

HILL, Joanna           In Loving Memory
b: 1896        d: 1971

HOPKINS, Georgia         "Loving Wife" "Blessed are the Pure in Heart"
b: 1899             d: 1963

HOWARD, Frank           Tx CPL WWII
b: 5/18/1918            d: 10/24/1961

HOWARD, Ruth         In Loving Memory
b: 2/2/1919         d: 2/11/1981

HOWARD, Sebastian D            "we love you" In loving memory of our brother
b: 11/2/1952        d: 3/26/1997

JACKSON, Adell            US Army Korea
b: 5/16/1931           d: 11/4/2005

JACKSON, Mrs. Wilmer
b: 5/17/1921            d: 6/6/2004

b: 7/1948            d: 6/2006

JOHNSON, Billy Ray          "My Trust is in God"
b: 2/23/1957       d: 8/1/1986

JOHNSON, Charles Collins           Our beloved Son, Rest in Peace
b: 8/25/1954          d: 8/20/1974

JOHNSON, Dwight Holbert
b: 7/25/1961           d: 10/6/2002

JOHNSON, Nicole Marie
b: 3/14/1975         d: 3/15/1978

JOHNSON, Rudy Allen
b: 8/14/1956       d: 7/27/1987

JONES, Booker T.        Cpl. US Army WW II
b: 1917        d: 1984

JONES, Raymon L            In Loving Memory
b: 4/11/1918              d: 9/7/1973

JONES, Rev Robert E Sr
b: 9/9/1952           d: 7/3/2006

d : 12/12/1912

KELLY, Christopher         "Loving Husband & Father"
b: 6/7/1967       d: 9/27/1989

KELLY, Landris, Jr.         "Loving Husband & Father"
b: 4/9/1945        d: 10/7/1979

KELLY, Landris, Sr.        "Father"
b: 10/11/1910         d: 4/11/1985

KELLY, Wallace          Sgt. US Army WW II - Korea
b: 1909          d: 1980

KEMP, Katie Mae
b: 6/5/1905             d: 10/28/1998

KENNEDY, Erma J Mitchell
b: 2/28/1930          d: 9/29/2001

KENNEY, Viola          Mother, Rest in Peace
b: 5/31/1927            d: 7/3/1996

LACY, John Rufus
b: 5/4/1953         d: 5/18/1973

LACY, Margene
b: 3/20/1931            d: 11/1/2004

LADD, Julia           Age 48
d : 2/5/1920

LAWLER, Mrs Lula             Funeral Home Marker
b: 4/12/?           d: 11/11/2004

LEACH, Salle Mills
b: 1922            d: 2000

LEICH, Mary Anna          Gone but not Forgotten
d: 10/24/1957

LEIGH, Larry C.
b: 2/18/1969         d: 1/24/1989

LEIGH, L. C. "Tenny" B.J.
b: 2/27/1933          d: 1/6/1991
Double Stone
LEIGH, Dorothy
b: 2/24/1943        d: 1/26/2002

LENIOR, Emma B              At Rest
b: 1875         d: 1967

LINDSEY, Cindy           In God's Care
b: 1/14/1903            d: 1/9/1995

d: ?18/1908

LOMAX, Leon           (one date) "At Rest"

LOVE, Le Vance
b: 11/29/1897          d: 4/24/1966

LOYD, Artis
b: 1/1/1889           d: 12/4/1959

LOYD, Gertha Mae
b: 2/11/1909         d: 7/1/1996
Double Stone
LOYD, Obethier
b: 1/14/1914        d: 12/3/2004

LYNCH, Beulah
b: 1912           d: 2005

LYNCH, J.D.         "Brother"
b: 12/27/1928          d: 11/2/2000

LYNCH, Marlon Ray         "Beloved Son" "For God So Loved the World"
b: 9/19/1959        d: 4/19/2002

MACROY, Abia Henry
d: 8/13/1936

MARTIN, M.C.           Cpl US Marine Corps
b: 4/25/1925           d: 9/23/1974

MASON, Lathaniel, Jr.
b: 9/23/1915          d: 6/29/1979

MAYBERRY, Charles Lee           Craig Funeral Home Marker
b: 1932               d: 2005

(MAYFIELD, Phillip
b: 5/29/1904           d: 4/4/1987
MAYFIELD, Precious J
b: 12/9/1924          d: 3/5/2001)

MEACHUM, Odessa        "at Rest" Beloved Mother
b: 1/16/1914       d: 9/8/1994

MILLER, Mary         "In Memory of a Loving Mother"
b: 7/29/1922            d: 2/24/2002

MIMNS, McKinley
b: 4/13/1939            d: 3/24/2004

(MITCHELL, Carrie Mae          "Mother"
b: 4/1/1900          d: 8/20/1974
MITCHELL, Eddie                   "Father"
b: 11/18/1884         d: 11/23/1950)

MITCHELL, E.C.             Pvt. lst class US Army WWII
b: 1/5/1925              d: 2/19/1994

MITCHELL, Lou           wife of P M Mitchell; Aged 55 years
d: 4/9/1918

MITCHELL, Odis             Pvt 1st class US Army WWII
b: 3/12/1919           d: 10/11/1988

MITCHELL, Not readable
d: 10/18/1957

MOOR, Jeanie           "At Rest"    Age 71
Died: 1/21/1956

MOORE, Genia
Died: 1/21/1956

MOORE, Sister Mamie           "At Rest"
Died: 12/20/1987

MORGAN, Willie           "At Rest"
b: 8/8/1885         d: 8/27/1957

MORROW, Chester           *hard to read
b: 11/26/1910            d: 6/23/1968/69

MOSLEY, DaRoyce          funeral home marker
b: 10/16/1974           d: 8/28/2007

MOSS, Herbert
died 12/24/2002

MOSS, John          Pvt. US Army
b: 1/9/1923          d: 1/5/1988

MUMPHREY, Janice            granddaughter/o Lucinda Daniels Mumphrey

d: ?/10/1901

MUMPHREY, Lucinda                      d/o Wesley Sr & Martha Templeton Daniels
d .1988

MUMPHREY, Odessa              d/o Lucinda Daniels Mumphrey

MURRAY, Lizzie Mae

NEAL, Melissa
b: 1876           d. 1946

NOBLES, Mrs. Mable             (Victory Funeral Home Marker)
b: 9-23-1912          d: 6-24-2005

b: 5/18/1885            d: 11/11/1967

PENTECOST, Edison W           Texas Pvt US Army WWII
b: 11/23/1922          d: 8/14/1958

PENTECOST, Little Odel             "Gone so soon"
b: 8/12/1914           d: 8/19/1914

b: 9/26/1905           d: 8/21/1971

b: 1808            d: 1904
Born Into Slavery, Parents of 16 children
PENTECOST, Angie         
b: 1839        d: 1929)

b: 10/14/1880             d: 11/28/1976

PENTECOST, William Leroy            Earn your living by the sweat of your brow. "Father"
b: 1874           d: 1966

PITTMAN, Chastaine           Tx. TEC 5 HO CO 350 Engineers WW II
b: 4/20/1919         d: 12/23/1968

PITTMAN, Mason M.           US Army WW II
b: 1921       d: 1998

POLLARD, Clifford L. Booster         "In Loving Memory" "Our Beloved Son"
b: 11/7/1960         d: 10/18/1990

POLLARD, Eugene "Nick"
b: 10/25/1907          d: 7/18/1987

PORTER, Claud           Texas Pvt 341 Labor BN QMC

PORTLEY, Sallie           "Mother"
b: 6/22/1893          d: 6/23/1977

d: 9/3/1938

b: 1877             d: 1956

b: ?/10/1888            d: 6/12/1920

RAY, Lena E            In Loving Memory
b: 1/7/1900          d: 12/28/1990

b: 5/22/1910        d: 1/12/2002
RAUSAW, Robert
b: 2/11/1910         d: 12/31/1979
RAUSAW, Fannie
b: 3/31/1909         d: 5/19/1998

REDDIC, Prince "Husband"
b: 1914 d: 1974

ROBERSON, Joe         age 51 years
died 2/20/1917

ROBERSON, Guinon Q T            Cpl US Army Vietnam
b: 12/7/1952          d: 12/10/2005

b: 5/1 1854            d: 2/16/1926

ROBERTSON, Bertha Branford
b: 2/23/1902        d: 1/16/1974

ROBINSON, Mary L             Beloved Mother and Granny
b: 9/20/1942           d: 12/21/2004

ROSS, Andrew
b: 1909          d: 1988

ROSS, Will
b: 8/22/1905          d: 3/5/1994

ROSS, Willie R.
b: 3/24/1929          d: 8/22/1991

ROY, Jessie Mae
b: 11/12/1960          d: 12/30/1966

ROY, Rozell SR          US Navy
b: 1/19/1936        d: 7/10/1956

RUFUS, George
b: 1899            d: 1974

RUSSELL, Mr. Bobby G.
b: 1/14/1932          d: 12/14/1986

SANDERS, Anna B        In Loving Memory
b: 7/5/1922          d: 12/15/1984

SANDERS, Pearlie           At Rest
b: 5/8/1908             d: 9/8/1966

b: 3/26/1967        d: 7/5/1987

SANSOM, Basel A.
b: 3/29/1911          d: 9/2/1995
Double Stone
SANSOM, Violet
b: 1917         d: 2001

b: 1884 d: 1942

SCOTT, Aileen Holt
b: 9/26/1937            d: 2/6/1987

SCOTT, Bro. James           "Beloved Husband & Father"
b: 2/15/1911          d: 5/29/1987

b: 8/16/1898            d: 7/6/1981

SCOTT, Walter E.          "In Loving Memory of Our Uncle"
b: 4/15/1912        d: 5/5/1989

SCOTT, Willie B
b: 3/15/1899          d: 4/5/1967

SHEFFIELD, James W             US Army WWII
b: 3/27/1925          d: 10/23/1996

SHEPARD, Timothy         US Army WWII
b: 10/16/1916            d: 6/2/1983

SIMS, Ella L
b: 1930          d: 1970

b: 1893           d: 1964
SINGLETARY, Irma            (one date)

SMITH, E.S.          Husband of Nollie Smith; Gone but not forgotten
b: 1875            d: 1936

SMITH, Sallie Smith             footstone says Mother
died: 8/19/1937

SMITH, Virginia
b: 1884           d: 1959

SQUARE, Keith Bernard           RMSN US Navy
b: 11/13/1958          d: 12/8/1980

SQUARE, Willie        Cpl. US Army Korea
b: 3/6/1928         d: 6/28/2001

STEADMON, Ruby           "At Rest"
b: 9/18/1907        d: 9/25/1956

(STOKER, James A.
b: 5/2/1918          d: 1/30/1986
STOKER, Mertie B          (one date)

b: 2/4/1934         d: 12/15/2004

THOMPSON, Annie Sue        "The Lord is My Shepherd"
b: 3/22/1915       d: 1/31/1991

THOMPSON, Mable           Our beloved Mother, In loving memory
b: 9/22/1900          d: 1/23/1969


THOMPSON, Rabon K Jr.         In Loving Memory
b: 3/15/1952          d: 5/14/1952

THURMON, Johnny B            In Loving Memory
b: 11/9/1919             d: 10/22/1994

THURMOND, Ray R             (stone sunk into the ground and dates cannot be read)

b: 12/25/1910            d: 6/25/1988

TIMMS, Lenzie                   son of Leonard and Carry Timms      "Safe in the Arms of Jesus"
b: 8/26/1926             d: 7/22/1927

Tina            (one name)
9/3 to 12/31/1964

TIPPS, Mrs. Harold              Mother of Charles Graham
b: 12/5/1909            d: 8/31/1963

TIPPS, James           Tx Army WWII
b: 5/12/1910          d: 7/31/1962

TODD, Mrytle H             In Loving Memory
b: 2/5/1905           d: 2/13/1991

d: 6/4/1916

TURRIELL, Bennie James         At Rest
b: 2/2/1929           d: 8/9/1943

WALDON, Coleman              Pvt. lst class US Army-Korea
b: 1933          d: 1976

WALDON, Earnest
b: 3/24/1906          d: 6/4/1971

WALDON, Elen              wife of Tex Waldon
b: 1850 (hard to read)            d: 1910(?) hard to read

WALDON, Elen Opelia            daughter of Mr & Mrs George Waldon
b: 3/24/1902          d: 12/31/1913

WALDON, George           "Father" At Rest
b: 4/6/1872          d: 1/26/1952

WALDON, Horice Wadie            Tx pvt US Army WWII
b: 4/20/1918         d: 2/4/1972

b: 1878          d: 1956

WALDON, Lillie Belle
b: 5/24/1906           d: 6/3/1987

WALDON, Otha             Not Forgotten
b:1/24/?          d: 11/30/1937

d: 1/20/1938

WALKER, Cop          Pvt US Army WW I
b: 1896           d: 1976

Died 7/14/1976

WALKER, Lillion "Mother"
b: 12/5/1915             d: 1/19/1980

WALKER, Sentell             Tx. Pvt, Engineering Corps
b: 1/1/1890            d: 6/4/1929

(WASHINGTON, Lamar           Until we Meet Again
b: 8/11/1904           d: 11/30/1973
b: 2/2/1919           d: 11/6/-1996)

WHITAKER, Eldora          "Beloved Friend"
b: 3/8/1921          d: 3/5/1982

WHITMORE, Eli                    s/o Roberta Daniels Whitmore
b. 4/1928            d. 7/1965

WHITMORE, Isreal                 s/o Roberta Daniels Whitmore
d. 1987

WHITMORE, M C              s/o Roberta Daniels Whitmore
b. 4/19/1934        d. 7/14/1968

WHITMORE, Monticure             h/o Roberta
b. 2/1/1905           d. 8/12/2003

WHITMORE, Morene                   d/o Roberta Daniels Whitmore
b. 1/3/1946

b. 1946                d. 1993

WHITMORE, Roberta Daniels                (partially underground); w/o Monticure; d/o Wesley Sr & Martha Templeton Daniels
b. Nov 18, 1909         d. Aug 16, 1992 

WILEY, Elijah         SD US Nary WW II
b: 4/21/1926          d: 4/27/1970

WILEY, Jacob
b: 4/15/1912          d: 11/9/1968
Double Stone:         Married 12/24/1929 "In Loving Memory"
WILEY, Willie Mae
b: 12/28/1911         d: 10/18/1993

WILLIAMS, Charles Richard          US Navy
b: 6/5/1924           d: 12/17/1994 

WILLIAMS, Dora              wife of John H       At Rest
b: 1889        d: 10/15/1919

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth             sis/o Martha Templeton Daniels
b. 1888           d. 1938

b: 1/1913        d: 1916?

WILLIAMS, John            Tx Pvt. Co B 65 Pioneer Infantry WWI
b: 4/3/1888         d: 12/23/1962

b: 6/3/1882           d: 7/1/1965

b: 12/25/1907         d: 4/2/1977
Double Stone:
b:3/5/1902           d: 9/7/1976

b: 7/9/1895        d: 7/25/1966
b: 8/3/1891         d: 12/22/1963)

WILLIAMS, La Freeman
b: 11/22/1956        d: 10/2/1965

WILLIAMS, Linda Fay Stoker           Loving wife and mother, Rest in Peace
b: 7/31/1940           d: 12/24/1970

b: 2001 ?          d: 2001? Funeral Home Marker, hard to read

WILSON, Finis J.D.             Tx Pvt US Army WWI
b: 3/8/1895         d: 3/29/1957

WINKLEY, Shiphrah
b: 8/24/1975            d: 6/7/1977

WOODS, Earnest          Louisiana Cpl. 328 Lbr. BN QMC WW I
b: 9/16/1893        d: 9/2/1949

WOODS, Thelma C.
b: 1903         d: 1967

WOODS, T. W.         "Husband and Father" "In God We Trust"
b: 11/23/1940            d: 2/8/1988

YARBROUGH, Lepolian Augustus          Tx Pvt. US Army WW I
b: 8/1/1896            d: 2/9/1971



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