A twelve foot grey granite monument located on a steep hillside on what was formerly the William L. Sill Tuberculosis Health Resort about 7 miles Northwest of Boerne off of the Ranger Creek Road. It was placed there in 1912 and consists of heavy blocks of rough granite shipped by train from New York and delivered to the site by Charles Schwarz with his steam traction engine pulling wagons.
Lat. 29.971182N Long -98.883455W

Dantziger, Alva Aaronb. 7 Dec 1879d. 27 1912
Dantziger, Clarenceb. 7 Sep 1882 d.---

On Ranger Creek Rd., 5 mi. from IH10W, to the turn around across from the 2nd gated driveway; look northward

Photos by Duane Peterson, August, 2008
West side:
Photo by Phyllis Tillery
On this spot
The last happy days
of our brief married life
were spent
This stone marks the site
of the nearest to a home
we ever knew
A little tent house
Here together
Peacefully and Forever rest
The ashes of our earthly remains
daughter of
Dora and Emil
Aaron Dec. 7, 1879
Apr. 27, 1912
MARRIED Aug. 16, 1911
Julie and Harry
Sept. 7, 1882
South side:
Photo by Phyllis Tillery
Alva, The helper and lover of beauty
Dutiful self sacrificing loyal
Beloved by all
Understood by few
A child yet a true woman
she carried her troubles
With a smile that charmed
and comforted the trials of others
Her joys she shared with the world
To help was her greatest joy
Her beautiul life
was the essence of love
She leaves us that sacred joyous memory
May the sacrifices
She lovingly made
Bear beautiful fruit.
East side:
Photo by Phyllis Tillery
In appreciation of Mrs. Dantziger
Our dear beloved friend
Who led us from Childhood to girlhood
and inspired us with her aims
and high ideals of womanhood
Aims and ideals which she had
always lived up to and which we hope to fulfill.
Aimwell Club
Nurses Settlement
Henry St. N.Y.

Below are pictures were taken of the steam traction engine pulling wagons which hauled the large stones to the site of the Dantziger Monument. The wagons were owned and operated by Mr. Charles Schwarz.

tractor1 tractor3

Source: Photos of tractors courtesy of Alan Carpenter.

This information is printed with permission from a survey of cemeteries made by members of Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society, published in 1983, "Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. I"; p60;
and "Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. II, p.96 /first printed June 1997, revised October, 2008

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