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Gaddis Cemetery is a family cemetery on the west end of High Street, in Comfort, Texas, on a bluff overlooking Cypress Creek.
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Green, Bernard Avrom b.1934 d.1995
Green, Judith Carrington Marshall b. 1939 d.
Bennett, Charley b. 1861 d. 1911 Photo
Carrington, Eugene Claiborne b.March 6, 1947 d.July 19, 2001
Carrington, Eugene Gaddis b. October 9, 1916 d. August 4, 1999
Carrington, Virginia Winston Hogan Alvey b.May 15, 1918 d.July 5, 1986
Gaddis, Pauline b. Jan. 18, 1881 d. Oct. 22, 1903
Carrington, Zula Gaddis b. Apr. 24, 1887 d. Jan. 2, 1971
Gaddis, Pauline nee Jiggets (Ms. Eugene F.) b. May 31, 1860 in MS d. August 27, 1933
Gaddis, Eugene F b.Feb. 18, 1858 d.Sept. 4, 1909
James, Pauline Carrington b. Jan. 8, 1920 d.
Gaddis, Edelene Jones b. Feb. 5, 1900 d. July 13, 1992
Gaddis, John Marshall b. July 21, 1891 d. July 27, 1941
Gaddis, Baby, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Gaddis b. Nov. 17, 1932 d. Nov. 17, 1932
Carrington, John Claiborne b. 1912 d. 1978
Carrington, John B. b. Dec. 10, 1870 d. Feb. 1, 1934
Carrington, Philip Sydney b. Sept. 12, 1918 d. Mar. 27, 1993
Carrington, Elizabeth Meusebach b. 1915 d. 1992

Paulina Gaddis is listed in 1930 census of Kendall County, age 69, born in Mississippi. According to an article submitted by Marie Bruns to the Kendall County Historic Commission and printed in Rivers, Ranches, Railroads, & Recreation: a History of Kendall County, Texas, "In 1923 Bro. S.J. McLean came, serving until 1927. It was during his term that, through the foresight and generosity of Mrs. Pauline J. Gaddis, ther present church building was erected in 1924 and dedicated to the memory of her husband Eugene F. Gaddis. Mrs. Gaddis gave of her time and money, inspiring the people of the community to bring field stones in from the countryside so that the outside of the church and parsonage would blend into, and be a part of, the Hill Country."

This information is from records in the Comfort Heritage Foundation Museum Catharine Schwarz /printed August 15, 2006; update with photos, Sept. 20, 2008

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