Photos by Sue Scruggs, August 2012

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Plaque of Samuel Boyd Patton


Herbst-Patton Cemetery is located on Peter Lux property; 300 ft. north of Curry Creek on Hwy 3351 to the Patton State Marker along the fence line across the ditch to the east. Site along the right edge of the Marker to see the flag at the cemetery.
The name Herbst-Patton was given to this cemetery by the compilers of the book, Gone But not Forgotten. The un-named burial sites were seemingly called by the predominant family name listed there, thus Herbst-Patton.

Lux, DaleMay 4, 1947August 3, 2006Tombstone
Tipton, ColtAugust 1993June 2010Tombstone
Patton, Samuel B.15 Aug 178419 Mar 1869Tombstone

Earlier graves have been removed and more recent burials have been added. Only the Samuel B. Patton grave remains the same.

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