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This Cemetery is located on the Upper Cibolo Road, Kendall County, Texas. When the Cemeteries of Kendall County were inventoried in 1984 and 1986, the Cemetery Committee called this the Patton Cemetery.

In 1993 a letter was received from Ellen Davis Denson, a descendant of Felix R. Daughtery containing a picture (see above) which indicated the property for the cemetery was donated by Felix Daughtery in 1873. Her cousin, Tuttle Beach, of Tombstone, AZ had the fence built in 1960. The neighborhood had a sign made and erected in 1983 showing the cemetery to be the Upper Cibolo Community Cemetery. Felix R. Daughtery was the father-in-law of Sheriff Monroe Saner.

Corrections to books past the printing stage are impossible to correct. Perhaps printing this history here will help the researcher to locate the burial place they are searching.

Name Birth Date Death Date Tombstone
Daughtery, Felix Raymond b. 1827 d. 1910
Daughtery, Narcisa wife of Felix Daughtery See Boerne Cemetery
Dedecker, (baby) no dates
Griffin, ---- no dates
Harrell, Mrs B. G. b. 1869 d. 1884Tombstone
Harrell, B. G. b. d. NovTombstone
Herrin, Annie Belle nee Cupps (2nd wife of I. F.) b. Mar. 17, 1848 d. Aug. 21, 1932 Tombstone
Herrin, Elizabeth nee Wheeless (1st wife of I. F.) b. June 8, 1834 d. May 18, 1875
Herrin, Isaac Francis b. Oct. 25, 1833 d. Oct. 10, 1887
Howell, Clara nee Herrin b. Sept. 14, 1879 d. Jan. 15, 1938 Tombstone
Patton, Charles Benjamin b. 1878 d. 1900
Patton, Missouri nee Estes Jan. 4, 1825 Apr. 26, 1895
Saner, (baby) 19181918Tombstone
Young, (baby) no dates


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In June of 2012 Sue Scruggs submitted the tombstone photos and these scenes from the vicinity of the burial grounds.

This information printed with permission is from a survey of cemeteries made by members of Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society, published in 1985, "Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. II"; p64/ Catharine Schwarz / /printed June 1997. History of the name added on January 8, 2006 from the files of the Boerne Public Library. Latest additions and corrections from Findagrave on January 31, 2017.

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