Ranzau (Louis) Cemetery is located near Pleasant Valley Community, Kendall County, Texas.

Photos taken by Erle Adrian on Boy Scout cleanup day

Ranzau, Adele P.b.----- d. 4 Jun 1928Tombstone
Ranzau, Alma b. 10 Jan 1859 * d. 5 Jun 1928Tombstone
Ranzau, Herman b. 30 Dec 1895 d. 22 Nov 1900
Ranzau, Jim b. 1865 d. 1900
Ranzau, Louisb.28 May 1854* d. 12 Aug 1933*Tombstone
Ranzau, Max L.b. 29 Jul 1888 d. 19 Jun 1953
Ranzau, Otto b. 12 Feb 1880 d. 4 Mar 1904
Ranzau, Sophieb. 10 Jan 1893 d. 4 Nov 1900Tombstone
*Baby Nickelsd. Nov. 11, 1913Tombstone

The original information is printed with permission from a survey of cemeteries made by members of Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society, published in 1983, "Gone But Not Forgotten, Vol. I"; p76/printed June 1997.

*The latest information was obtained from research done by several Ranzau Family members and the First Family Committee of GSKC.

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