Rendon Cemetery is located on Sattler Road, N 29 degrees, 56.714', W98 degrees, 26.223', 16,370' NE Old Benno Sattler property (now Robert A. Reed Jr. House) Kendall County, Texas.

Victoria Olivares b. unknown d. unknown
Maria Rendon nee Vargas b.ca1924 d.August 1939
Tiburcio Rendon [child] b. July 19, 1939 d. June, 1940
Guerra, [child] b. unknown d. unknown
Santos Rendon b. - d. 1946

Cemetery was submitted by Donna Krause.
Mrs. Clemente Ortega supplied the names of burials listed above. There are more burials which will be researched further. We will call this the Rendon Cemetery, naming it for the family buried here. Catharine Schwarz /page created July 2005. Last updated October 1, 2005

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