This cemetery is located on the Elmax Ranch, now known as the Cordilerra Subdivision, in Kendall County.

The Schuchardt Cemetery is located on the Elmax Ranch approcimately 10 miles east of Boerne and about one mile north of Hwy. 46. The cemetery measures 18 x 20 feet and is surrounded by a rock fence. It looks as if an extension of rock fence was added to the west side but has since fallen down and no evidence of graves are present.

There is one grave that is outlined with rocks, and possibly another grave beside it with no marker, in the main cemetery

Mr. Alfred Engel, now deceased, helped to bury this man. No records can be found to prove who this Schuchardt man really was. It is believed that he was buried in 1910-1920.- Article written by Emilie Zinsmeister, November, 1980

Source: Files in Boerne Public Library.