105 Old San Antonio Road, Boerne

HISTORY: Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig von Herff came to Texas in 1847 from Germany. He attended Bonn University and the University of Berlin prior to graduating from the University of Giessen Medical School in 1843. He arrived in Texas as one of two physicians with the Bettina settlement on the Llano River. He returned to Germany and married Mathilde Klingelhofer before he finally established his medical practice in San Antonio during the early 1850's. In 1852 Dr. Herff purchased 300 acres of land on the Cibolo Creek from John James. He immediately built a log cabin on the site where the Herff home was later constructed. This second house was purchased from one of Dr. Herff's six sons by Col. and Mrs. George F. Rozelle, Jr. in 1935.

Source: Boerne Public Library files, February, 2000.

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