911 S. Main, Boerne

HISTORY: This lot was part of property which Johann F. Stendebach bought when he arrived in the area in 1875. The Lot #41 was sold several times before William Schwarz purchased it and build his home. His daughters, remember that, "By 1900 William Schwarz and his family were living in the rock house at 911 S. Main Street, Boerne. It is said to have been built by him with the help of relatives and friends. There were three rooms on the bottom floor, bedroom, kitchen and dining room. The attic was finished later, with an outside stairway. Mrs. Ruhnke and Mrs. Pechacek still remember their cousins coming in from the country and changing clothes there for parties and dances. Well-drilling was still his listed occupation (1900 census) though he was much sought-after as a builder and rock mason.
Schwarz was elected Marshall of the City of Boerne in 1914." His home was a rare example of Sunday House architecture in Boerne

Source: Boerne Public Library files

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