West of Sisterdale, off F.M.473

HISTORY: This house has been alternately known as the Wollschlaeger- Poss-Lasswell Ranch. Andreas Wollschlaeger, a baker from Germany, came to Texas when he was 18 years old by way of Indianola and finally to Sisterdale about 1868. He married Clara Behr, daughter of Ottmar von Behr and Louise Katzfus Behr of Sisterdale in 1877. They got land and became ranchers and farmers.

At first a two room house was built of native stone and wood, completed in 1880. The kitchen was a separate room from the house; the rock foundation is still seen west of the house. Two more rooms were added by Gus Lindemann in 1902. A solid double rock cupboard kept the food cool. Spring water was used and carried by bucket to the house. Later a well was dug for a good water supply near the house. A porch was glassed in and finally there were six rooms and a bath for this large family of eight children. There were two bedrooms upstairs reached by an outside stairway.

Close by the big house a small one was built for a bachelor named Adolph Neubert who had come from Germany, also. He later married Clara's mother, Louise, who was widowed when Ottmar von Behr died at sea with Yellow Fever, returning from a trip to Germany.

In 1919, a daughter of Andreas and Clara, Anna and her husband, Max Poss bought the ranch and home place and lived there for many years. After her husband's death in 1949, Anna sold to Hal Flinn and his sister, Bessie Morgan.

On Dec. 20, 1963 Marshall Montgomery Lasswell and his wife, Mina Mary Beckam, bought and restored the old Wollschlaeger- Poss home. Marshall M. Lasswell was born in Herford, Texas on May 26, 1906 and died April 16 1969 at Comfort, Texas. His wife, Mina, was born at her great-aunt Mary Maverick's ranch at Leon Springs, Texas, May 6, 1907. They built a large, eight room, rock house just up the hill from the old home. The old house then became the "summer" house for their son and his family.

In 1971 Mrs. Mina Lasswell married a long time widower and family friend, Robert Caldwell Russell. They continued to live on the ranch. In 1977 they were awarded the Outstanding Conservation Ranch in Zone II.

Source: Boerne Public Library files;-From article written by Mina Lasswell Russell. March, 2000.