boerne depotBOERNE

HISTORY:"BOERNE soon became a popular health and vacation place, and as a result many hotels were built. The San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad ran special week-end trains to Boerne to promote tourism." On March 12, 1887 at 4:30 p.m. the first train heading for Boerne left the San Antonio station with a Mr. Nuffin at the throttle of Engine No. 11. In the passenger cars were officials of the line and a big crowd of San Antonians who had paid 95 cents each for tickets to ride the first train into Boerne. The train reportedly arrived at 7 p.m. in Boerne. The San Antonio Express reported, "..a majority of the citizens of Boerne were found ready to welcome their guests, but more doubtless to see the puffing locomotive and hear the steam whistle for the first time in their lives." "The San Antonians stayed overnight in Boerne and were guests at a day-long celebration on the following day which was Sunday."

comfort depotCOMFORT
Two hotel busses are lined up at their respective places awaiting their guests.

HISTORY: COMFORT. When the San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railrad inaugurated passenger and freight service to Comfort in 1887, they rented the front room of bachelor Carl Vetterlein's residence and set up offices therein, with a.G.C. Matter serving as the first station master. The house stood on the corner lot of Fourth and High streets. The railroad track passed within fifteen feet of the front fence of this property. This location was used until business picked up and a depot and cotton platform wre built one block east of this location. Source: Ransleben, photo subtitle.

waring depotWARING

HISTORY:"WARING was created February 23, 1888 following the completion of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad along the south side of the Guadalupe River"...."with twice daily rail connection to San Antonio, it provided warehousing, shipping, and shopping service to a large trade area...."p17.

WELFARE. "There used to be a depot and water tank, saloon, hotel and cotton gin. The train picked up mail, milk cans, cattle, chickens and produce." p17

Source: Boerne Public Library files; Rivers, Ranches, Railroads and Recreation; History of Kendall County, Texas; Ransleben, Guido E. "A Hundred years of Comfort in Texas"; San Antonio Express, March 12, 1952.

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