402 Herff, Boerne

HISTORY: Dr. William T. Reeves was one of Boerne's two doctors during the early years of 1900. About 1901 he purchased 29 lots and built his home at the corner of O'Grady and Herff Streets, north of Frederick Creek where it meets with Cibolo Creek. The house was a two story home with a cellar under the kitchen floor which was accessed by a stairway under the floor. The upstairs rooms were accessed by an outside stairway. There was a screen porch along the entire front of the house and a small porch off the back of the kitchen. In the back yard there were two small houses, one a wash house and the other a wood house. The entire yard was enclosed by a white picket fence. The estate had a three-car garage with servants quarters on the south side of the garage and a smokehouse on the north side. This garage also had a cellar beneath it.
Between the house and the garage there were two small of these buildings housed tools, the water well and the water pump which pumped water into the tank on the top of the other building.
Across the street near Frederick's Creek was the barn yard. In this area there were several small buildings used for the animals and their feed.

David Franklin Davis and his wife, Amelia (Davenport) Davis purchased the estate from Dr. Reeves in 1922. The property has been in the Davis family since then.

Source: Boerne Public Library files. - from an article by Frankie Davis Glenn- April, 2004

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