schwopehse gallery

114 E. Highland, Boerne

DESCRIPTION: This is one of the most charming old houses in Boerne. It probably started as a three room house built around 1876. a one room log house behind the main house suggests that this was the first home on the place. Today the main house is considered one of the first "Split level" homes in the area. Because it is built on a slope between Highland and Kronkosky Streets, the new rooms were lowered by a step or two, going out in different directions from the original three rooms. An old time iron lamp, [now uses electricity], greets the visitor as he passes by a stacked rock wall to the front porch. Beautiful century plants, pomegranates and Live Oak trees shade the house. there are porches on each side of the house, and there are three doors for entrances on the front and side. The rooms added to the original three are two bedrooms, dining room, living room, den, kitchen and bath. At some time in the restoration or change some wood cut work on either side of the main front door was added. This is not the type known as "gingerbread", but more of a cut work design in the shutters. The whole house has a comfortable "Summer home" look and it is inviting to the guests.

HISTORY: As near as can be determined in Court House records, the following families owned and probably lived on this place: John Hoerner about 1876, Frank Stendebach about 1886; for a time Daniel and Pauline Bonnet; Gustav Minnich 1900; J. A. and Pauline Bonnet; followed by Sarah Shipp 1943; Margaret Burton and two Curry grandsons, 1946; Webb and Zora Carnes, 1956; Mary Lovell, 1961; then James and Fricia Taylor; and finally Ronald and Virginia Schwope with their daughter Ronda, in 1971. On this date in 1978 they own and occupy the house.

Source: Boerne Public Library files, information written by Nellmarie Huff, 1978.

The latest news on this house is that artist, Jay Hester, has purchased the house and has created a delightful gallery to display his and his associate's art work. Picture No.2 at the top of page was taken Dec. 2004 to show the recent transformation.- Cathy Schwarz, 2004

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