Farms in Kendall County
on the
Texas Family Land Heritage Registry

The Family Land Heritage Program is a program sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture to honor those families who have owned and continuously operated a farm or ranch for 100 years or more. The families are given a certificate in the name of the land and are listed in the Family Land Heritage Registry.

For more information go the web site of The Family Land Heritage Registry on the page of the Texas State Agriculture Department

Farm/Ranch Name Location Purchase Date Founder Registry Date Owner at Time of Registry
Kohls Ranch Two miles south of Sisterdale on FM 1376 1847 Ottmar Behr 1974 Marvin Kohls
Pfeiffer Farm Two miles northwest of Boerne 1871 Ernst Pfeiffer 1974 Walter Pfeiffer
Ring Mountain Ranch 8 miles north of Boerne 1874 LeGrand White, New York, New York 1974 Mrs. Louis Schneider, Comfort
Sultenfuss Ranch Four miles east of Boerne on Ammann Road 1871 Christian Ammann of Switzerland 1974 Ms. Josephine Sultenfuss, Boerne
Marquardt Ranch Six and one half miles northeast of Comfort 1871 Johann Christian Marquart of Rothenacker, France 1977 James Ernst Marquart, Comfort
Lawhon Ranch Two miles southeast of Kendalia 1878 Edward Ludolf, Dusseldorf, Germany 1978 Ms. Josephine Lawhon, Kendalia
Brussel Ranch Two miles east of Kendalia on FM 473 1879 John Krause, Hesse, Germany 1980 Frank R. Brussel, Kendalia
Krause Ranch Two miles east of Kendalia on FM 473 1879 John Krause, Hesse, Germany 1980 Eddie C. Krause, Kendalia
Nickel Ranch Eight miles east of Boerne on FM 46 1870 William Nickel, Offenbach Germany 1980 Joe E. Nickel, Kenneth Nickel, Gerald Beckmann
Nuckles Ranch Two miles east of Kendalia on FM 473 1879 John Krause of Hesse Germany 1980 W. A. Nuckles, Lampasas
Smith Farm Four miles north of Sisterdale 1874 Edward Marquardt of Rodenacker, Lomenstien, Germany 1980 Hubert &Edwina Marquardt Smith, Boerne
Schilling Ranch Thirteen miles northwst of Boerne on Holiday Road 1878 1983
Adam Farm Four miles southeast of Boerne on I-10 1874 Conrad Adam of Tiefenbach, Prussia 1984 Jimmie C and Sally Jo Adam, Boerne
Langbein Farm Fourteen miles northeast of Boerne 1870 Andreas and Marie Charlotte Brennecke Langbeinof Madgeburg, Prussia 1984 Larry J. and Karen Joy Langbein, Sisterdale
Emil Kneupper Ranch Two miles east of Kendalia off FM 473 1884 Kneupper 1984 Kneupper
Eckhardt Ranch Ten miles south of Fredericksburg on Highway 87 1884 1985
Hillingdon Ranch Twelve miles north of Comfort on the Old San Antonio Rd. 1887 Alfred Giles 1987 Edith Scrimgeour Giles
Ranzau Ranch Fifteen miles north/northeast of Boerne, on FM 474 at FM 473 1882 George and Caroline Marqardt Werner 1988 Bruno Ranzau
Kohls Ranch Ten miles north of Boerne, two miles south of Sisterdale on FM 1376 1848 Ottmar and Louise Von Behr 1988 Charles E. Kohls
Eicholz Ranch Two and one-half miles east of Comfort on FM 473 1879 Auguste and Nicolaus Eicholz 1988 Gerhard and Ruby Eicholz
Karger Ranch Fifteen miles northwest of Boerne on Hwy. 87 1886 Charles Karger of Germany 1989 Bettie Karger Barth
Marquardt Ranch One mile southeast of Sisterdale on FM 473 1871 Gottlieb Marquardt 1989 Raymond Marquardt
Emil Kneupper Ranch One and one-half miles north of Sisterdale on FM 1376 1877 Kneupper 1992 Kneupper
Joyce Ammann Dechert Ranch Six miles east of Boerne on Ammann Road 1879 1993 Joyce A. Dechert
Paul Esser Ranch Eighteen miles northeast of Boerne on FM 473 1893 Esser 1993 Esser
Schladoer Farm Three miles west of Comfort on Old Cypress Creek Road, Kerr County 1891 Robert and Lina (Mohrhoff) Schladoer 1991 Paul and Florence Schladoer
Walter Seidensticker Ranch Four and one-half miles southeast of Comfort on FM 1621 1891 1991
Kasten Ranch Two and one-half miles east of Sistedale on the south side of Highway 473 1877 1996 Kasten
Lindner Ranch Five miles south of Comfort 1875 Michael Lindner 2002 Harvey, Stephen and Mark Lindner
Vogt Ranch Five and one-half miles east of Boerne off Ammann Road 1897 1999
Pfeiffer Farm & Ranch Six miles northeast of Boerne 1871 William Pfeiffer 2003 Jay Pfeiffer
Adam Acres Four miles southeast of Boerne on Interstate Highway 10 1874 2005 Adam
John Duennenberg Farm Four miles south of Boerne on the east side of Interstate Highway 10 1889 Duennenberg 2005 Duennenberg
Harvey L. Duennenberg Farm 238 Highway 46 E 1882 Duennenberg 2007 Harvey Duennenberg
Richard Esser Ranch Two miles north of Boerne off N. Esser Rd. off FM 474 1907 Esser 2008 Lorraine Esser Massey and Terri Massey Stewart
Gustav Marquardt Ranch 10 miles north of Boerne, 4 miles southwest of Sisterdale 1898 Gustav Marquardt 2010 Royce and Dolores Marquardt Steubing
Herbst Ranch Off IH10 between Boerne and Comfort 1905 Herman and Emilie Potschernick 2013 Anita Herbst and Children
Wiedenfeld Ranch On Big Joshua Creek Road 1911 Hugo Wiedenfeld 2013 Sue R and Charles R. Wiedenfeld

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