308 S. Main, Boerne

HISTORY: The house was built by Henry Wendler, a pioneer immigrant who helped to settle Boerne. It was originally built as a rent house. The first renters were the Luckenbach's who rented it when they first came to town while their own house was being built. When Henry Wendler's son, Adolph Wendler, married Wally B. Toepperwein he gave them the house and they enlarged it and improved it.

In 1932 Adolph and Wally moved to their farm near Boerne and the house was again a rent house.

Adolph died in 1946 and Wally T. Wendler died in 1950. The property then went to their younger son, Norman. The house looks very much as it did when Wally was living in it. It was always painted white and she always had a white climbing rose bush planted at the front steps. Norman Wendler, sold the house to a family named English.

Max Theis, who grew up a few houses down the way, says: "Boerne and Kendall County was a great cotton growing area and stacks of 5 and 6 foot high cotton bales would be stacked in thousands of bales behind Wendler's and all the neighboring buildings. Buyers would come from Galveston."

Source: Boerne Public Library files.- May, 1999

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