179 S. Main, Boerne

DESCRIPTION: Two story, ornate store of rock and brick; originally with decorative spirals, names and dates on top, which have been removed.

HISTORY: William Ziegler bought property on Boerne's Main Street in 1897 from Mrs. Secunda Schertz, then in 1902 he bought an adjacent lot from W. J. Wilke. These are the lots on which he built the Ziegler building in order to open a hardware store. The family living quarters were in the second story of the building. He operated the hardware business until 1907 when the Vogt Brothers, August, Arthur and Rudolph, bought the business. The Ziegler family moved to California.

The building was enlarged by adding to the back of the building and a basement was dug. The floor in back of the building was raised to make loading easy. An elevator was used to move merchandise to the basement and also to the second floor. Buggies were stored upstairs to the rear of the building, the living quarters were toward the front facing Main Street. There was a stairway inside of the hardware store on the northwest side, leading to the living quarters. The Vogt Brothers had a large tin warehouse built near the depot, where they bought in carload lots and had shipped by railroad to Boerne. In 1929 Vogt Hardware was sold to George Potschernich. In 1933 Arthur Vogt bought the building back from Potchernich and remodeled the upstairs, making apartments for rent. He continued the rental business until 1944, when he sold the building to Fritz and A.J. Toepperwein. They in turn sold the property to Mr. Hendrex and Walter Adams. Boerne True Value Hardware occupied the building for several years. Now, in the 1990's The Emporium, an antique mall, occupies the entire building

Source: Boerne Public Library files.

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