1838 Tax List
Red River County--Republic of Texas

Transcribed by Cynthia Samples

When Red River County was part of the Republic of Texas, it contained an area that included many other counties. It was during this time that the other counties were beginning to form, and by the time Texas became a state in 1846 it was the same size it is today. I'm not sure just what area is included in this list, but I did recognize several names that were known to be in other counties.

Please remember that spelling was casual in earlier days, and although an effort has been made to make this transcription as accurate as possible, there may be errors and you need to check the original document to be sure of your information.


Aikin, ? Akins, James Askins, --
Aile, L Alexander, D Askins, Thomas
Akin, William Arrington, Noel  


Bagby, Geo. H. Bland, Abel Bristow, WM
Baily, A. C. C. Bland, Benj Bromley, Thos
Ballard, M. B. Blanton Brothers, Jesse
Barkbrun, H. Blanton, Benj. Brown, Denisy
Barkman, John Blanton, John Brown, Jas
Barrett, James Blithe, Theodore Brown, Jas.
Bason, George Boothe, Bath? Brown, William
Bates, J. C. Bornig, W. J. Browning, D. W.
Beard, Aud S. Bossett, John Brumitt
Beard, James Bourland, John M. Brunlee, George
Beardsley, Elisha J. Bowland, Jas Bruton, Elisha
Becknell, John Box, Jas. Y. Bruton, Isaac
Becknell, Wm Boyce, W. M. Bruton, R.
Becknell, Wm A. Boyce, W. N. Buckhannon
Bell, Daniel Brantley Israel Buffy, John
Bennet, J. N. Brazzell, Alex Burkham, Jas.
Benton, Elijah Brewster, B. F. Jr. Burris, Samuel C.
Bingham, Henry Brewster, Bay F. Burris, Wm. M.
Birdwell, George Bridge, James Butter, John
Blair, James Brigham, Willie Byers, John


Calloway, J. Clapp, David Cox, Geo. M.
Campbell, Alex Click, Caleb Cox, Wm
Chaffin, L. B. Click, Jackson Crisp, Wm M.
Cherry, J. C. Click, Matthew Crow, M. J.
Chissom, Thos Collum, Geo Cruise, Isaac
Chissum, J. M. Collum, Patsy Cullum, Jas
Chissum, J.C.    


Dalb, Jonathan Dennis, Joe Dillingham, J. D.
Davidson, James Dennis, Thos Dyer, Duram
Dennis, James Dillard, W. M. Dyer, Jno H.


Eastwood, John Ellis, D. P. Epperson, Mark
Edmundson, Jno Ellis, Richard Erwin, Saml
Edmundson, WM Emberson, Jno Everett, Jesse
Elliott, Wm    


Faris, M. Fletcher,John Franpton, Wm
Fery, Justtus Ford, James Frazier, Ebenezer
Fields, Joseph Foster,J. N. Fullow, Saml
Fishback, J. N. Fowler, B. C. Futrow, Wm
Fitzpatrick, M. Fowler, Jno H.  


Galazan, Jas Glover, Mart Gregg, Saml
Galazan, Jno Glover, WM Gregg, Wm
Gamble, Taylor Godley, Francis Griffin, John T.
Gaylor, M. Gooch, Berry Griffin, Mark
Giddens, Richard Graham, P. C. Guards, E.
Gillespie, Thos Graham, Robt Guest, Isaac
Gilliam, Jas Gregg, Jacob Guest, John
Glass, Robt Gregg, John Guest, Martin
Glover, John    


Hale, Joseph C. Harrison, J. J. Hillis, S. W.
Hamilton Hart, Josiah Hobbs, J. T.
Hamilton, Jas Harty, Dennis Hobbs, Wm
Hamilton, Robert Harty, Henry Holland, Wm
Hargood, A. S. Heffenfinger, Jas Hood, Charles
Hargood, S. Henderson, J. T. Hopkins, B. M.
Harper, Jas Hendricks, Wm Houndshill, J.
Harrelson, C. M. Herring, Jno. S. House, S. W.
Harris, Joseph Hill, Abner Hughes, Wm
Harris, R. C. Hill, Joshua B. Hurman, T. John
Harrison, David    


Jackson, E. T. Johnson, Dudley Johnson, P. B.
Jackson, Phillip Johnson, Harris Johnson,J. N.
Jamison, D. K. Johnson, Jas Johnston, G. H.
Johns, C. R. Johnson, John Jones, Isaac
Johns, Terry Johnson, John Joseph, James (Estate)
Johnson, Albert Johnson, Mary Jurnigin, Curtis


Key, John P. Kimbell, J. W. King, Thomas
Kimbell, Benj Kimbell, Joseph (Estate of) Kitchens, Pharoh


Land, John Leiper, Jno Lovejoy, C. P.
Lane, David Lewis, Charles Lyday, Aud
Latimer, A. H. Lewis, Kendall Lyday, Isaac
Latimer, A. H. Lish, Richard Lyday, Jacob
Lawly, Will Logan, B. F. Lynn, Benj. J.
Lawson, Isiah Logwood, Thos  
Leach, Joseph    


Majors, John McKenny, D. Mimms, J. C.
Malding, Presley McKenny, G. W. Mitchell, E. M.
Mason, W. C. McKinney, Ach Mitchell, R.
Matthews, R. S. McKinney, Collin Moore, Isaaac
Matthews, W. W. McKinney, H. C. Moore, Joshua
Maybil, S. McKinney, Mary Moore, L. C.
Mayhan, Thos. McKinney, W. C. Moore, L. M.
Mays, Ed Mier, Joseph Moore, W. H.
Mays, WM Milam, Elijah Moran, WM
McClure, W. S. Milam, Jeff Morton, John
McDonald, , C. Miller, L. A. Mowery, B. G.


Nall, John Nelson, Robert Nober, Thos
Neatherly, A. Nelson, Saml Nugent, John
Neathery, W.    


Oliver, John Onstate, Sno Orr, Green
Oliver, M.    


Peters, Stephen Price, John  


Raines, Newton Revere, Stenham Ritchey, Saml
Rains, C. Rhodes, Lewis, Roberts, John
Reby, Jas Rice, Levi M. Robins, John
Reed, John S. Richardson, R. M. Roland, S. W.
Reed, Joseph Ricker, H. C. Rutherford, John
Reed, Miles Ritchey, James  
Renfro, J. B. Ritchey, Jane  


Sadler, Jas. C. Shockey, Wm. Spam, J. D.
Sadler, Newman Skirlock, Wm Stephenso, J.
Sanders, John Smith, E. M. Stephenson, Albert
Senwright, John Smith, John F. Stephenson, Edw
Sharp, Aut Smith, Thos. L. Stevenson, Jas
Shockey, Wm.    


Tarrant, E. W. Tiller, A. J. Tollett, John
Thomas, C. Tinnen, S. W. Tollett, Wm (Estate)
Thomas, D. B. Tisdale, John Trumble, Henry
Thompson, John Tolbot, Thomas Tudder, Y. K.
Thompson, W. Tollett, E. W.  


Ury, Amad Ury, Brown Ury, Dennis


Vantin, John Vining, W. N. Viser, Peter
Varner, M.    


Wadkins, John Warhop, J. W. Williamson, ?
Waggoner, G. Watson, Coleman Wills, J. D.
Wagley, John Watson, James Wilson, J. W.
Wagley, Joseph Watson, John Wilson, Jesse
Walice, E. R Watson, John Wilson, Saml
Walker, Jacob Weaver, J. W. Wilson, Thos R.
Walker, Jerry West, Edward Witherspoon, C.
Walker, Jesse Wetker, C. N. Witmuth, Elam
Walters, K. Wheat, Jas Wondeman, E. M.
Ward, ? Wheat, John Wood, Caleb
Ward, J. J. Wheat, Wm Wooten, Wm M.
Ward, Jas Wilborn, H. A. Wormel, W. G.
Ward, Joseph Williams, A. M. Wright, A.
Ward, M. C. Williams, Hiram Wright, George
Ward, Mat Williams, J. W. Wright, J. D.
Ward, W. C. Williams, W. C. Wright, M. G.
Ware, John Williams,H. L. Wright, T. G.


Young, G. S. Young, Wm Young, Wm C.

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