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1930 Census
Red River County, Texas

Heads of Household and
Persons with a different surname in same household.

Transcribed by

Sharon Black, Jo Cox, John Howison
Sarah Ragsdill and Cynthia Samples

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Descriptions of Approximate Areas of Enumeration Districts

As with any project like this there are some errors. Some of the handwriting was very hard to read, and in a couple of areas the census takers spelled all the names phonetically. We have made every effort to keep the error rate low, and verified many names with all the resources available to us. Look under every possible spelling before you give up on finding someone. Material is in alphabetical order by name. To help you we have also included sex, race, age, place of birth, and location by precinct, E. D. (Enumeration District), H. H. # (Household Number) and the page number on which they are located. This is the number printed on the page in the top corner. This information may be used freely for your personal research but may not be copied for professional publication or copied for any other web site.


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