Red River County Photo Album

Our Photo Album is growing. If you own or know of any old pictures that depict life in Red River County please consider sharing.

This site is dedicated to Cynthia Samples
Red River County Coordinator 1998-2015


Avery Missionary Baptist Church Kathy Mitchell
Avery United Methodist Church
(Two buildings)
Rose Parks

Early Occupations

Bagwell Doctors Sharon Black
Old Time Hay Hauling Sharon Black
Working at the Bagwell Post Office Sharon Black
Sawmill at Old Stephensboro Sharon Black
Sample McKey Sawmill--Bagwell Sharon Black
James Alford Watts Sawmill Tommy Mauldin
G. E. Williams Barber Shop in Detroit George B. Williams
Railroad Crew Nancy Wolfgang
driving through the mud in Clarksville Dr Arvel E. Haley
Downtown Avery in 1923 Eddie Robinson
Bagwell Cotton Gin Cynthia Samples

Schools and Sports

Shiloh School--1902 Estella Mims
Manchester School Georgia Hanley Reavis
Sherry School Jim H. Thomas
Concord School - 1902 Jim Giddens
Robbinsville School - 1910 Carl Haskins
Rosalie School - 1926-27 Tommy Mauldin
Pine Branch School - 1931 Tommy Mauldin
Cuthand School 1910 Tommy Mauldin
Cuthand School 1934-35 Tommy Mauldin
Bagwell School
ca 1910-1913
Sharon Black/Don Kirk
Bagwell High School Cynthia Samples
Bagwell School - approx 1900-1905 Sharon Black
Detroit Class of 1925 Daniel Smith
Detroit School Music Class - 1923 Daniel Smith
Midway School
Sue Wilkerson
Clarksville High School Graduating Class
Winston McCain
Clarksville High School Graduating Class
Debra Cornett Usry
Line Branch School Charles Martin
Avery School
Pre 1915
Eddie Robinson
Bagwell Girls Basketball Team Sharon Black
Another Bagwell Girls Basketball Team Cynthia Samples
Hopewell School
Dr. Arvil E. Haley
Hopewell School
Dale Roberts
Blassingame School
Lisa Bass
Avery High School Teachers
Eddie Robinson
Avery High School 1916-1917
Freshman and sophmore classes
Eddie Robinson
Avery High School
1920 Graduating Class
Eddie Robinson
Avery High School
1921 Graduating Class
Eddie Robinson
Avery High School
1922 Graduating Class
Avery Girls Basketball Team 1921 Eddie Robinson

Avery Boys Basketball Team 1921
(Newspaper Clipping)
Eddie Robinson
Avery Gym 1932 Eddie Robinson
Mill Creek School Eddie Robinson
Catonville School Cynthia Samples
Birmingham School Cynthia Samples
White Rock Baseball Team Jim Giddens
Clarksville High School
Not that long ago
but now history also
Cynthia Samples
Lanes Chapel School - 1924 Dero Sargent

Local Events

Avery Tomato Festival (Part 1) Eddie Robinson
Avery Tomato Festival (Part 2) Eddie Robinson
Avery Tomato Festival (Part 3) Eddie Robinson
Avery Tomato Festival (Part 4) Eddie Robinson
Dinner on the Grounds Sharon Black
Avery's last tomato shed Kathy Mitchell
John Nance Garner's train Sharon Black


W. M. McMillan Eddie Robinson
Mrs. Mary Frances Moss Spracher
and her grandchildren
Berry Davis
Robert Means Batchelor and family
ca 1900
Peggy Batchelor Hamlett
tintypes of unknown family members from bible of John Floyd Reeves John A. Reeves
Absalom Giddens (came to Red River County 1829-30) Jim Giddens
Richard F. and Jane Walker Giddens
(came to Red River County 1833)
Jim Giddens
Abilene Giddens Jim Giddens
Dr. and Mrs. M.L. DeBerry Tommy Mauldin
Isaac Smathers and wife Cathrine Snider Smathers Sharon Healy
James Jourdan Ward, Jr, Thomas Benton Humphreys, Tom and Sarah Humphreys Troy Splawn
Alex Mims, Ella Cleveland Mims, Naom "Nona" Baty Wilson Boyce Estella Mims
William Henry Harrison Barnard and family--horse and buggy Tommy Mauldin
Robert and Dora Weedle (1920s) Jerry Herd
Family of Alexander Selrirk McAnear John Reeves and
Debbie Blanton McCoy
John Rufus Reeves John Reeves
Bettie Quinton Home in Bogata Annette Shaw
James Wilburn Baker Sr.,
Red River County Sheriff 1880-1882
Larry Hooper
Tutt and West Family members at Cedar Creek Larry Hooper
Brose, Callie, and John Medford Larry Hooper
Lottie Cornett Green Debra Cornett Usry
Monroe and Ruth Cornett Debra Cornett Usry
Lindsey McAllister and his maternal grandmother, Missouri Frances Miller Cornett Debra Cornett Usry
Clarissa Jane Rogers Debra Cornett Usry
McAllister Family Debra Cornett Usry
Levi Sheri and wife Debra Cornett Usry
Lee Green and family Debra Cornett Usry
Harvey Marion Cornett and Ada Lillian McGuire Cornett Debra Cornett Usry
Dr. W. A. Reeves and daughter, Essie Lee Reeves White John A. Reeves

 2003 Red River Courthouse Remodel  Jim Giddens


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