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Red River County Texas
updated: January 2016

Some of these books are long out of print but may be available through libraries. We are not necessarily recommending any of these books, just letting you know that they are available. In some cases, we are giving you the information where the books can be purchased or furnishing a link to that information. If you are aware of other published sources that should be listed here, please let me know. Patsy Vinson at:

"Red River Recollections, A history book published in 1986 by the Red River County Historical Society has been re-issued. This is a very good history of Red River County, it's people and it's communities.
Can be ordered from:
Red River County Historical Society
P. O. Box 1261
Clarksville, TX 75426
The price is $65/book plus shipping. For more information, please contact Jim Clark at 903.427.2266.

Clarksville and Red River County (Images of America) (Images of America Series) Paperback
Can be ordered from:
Red River County Historical Society
P. O. Box 1261
Clarksville, TX 75426
The price is $22/ plus $5.00 shipping. For more information, please contact Jim Clark at 903.427.2266.

May also be ordered from Amazon at this link:

The 1860 Red River County Federal Census, Published in 1986 by Mary Claunch Lane and Elizabeth Blevins Booth, (revised by Mary Claunch Lane in 1996 and reprinted)
can be purchased from:
The Lamar County Genealogical Society
1125 Bonham St.
Paris, TX 75460
Phone: 903-784-5020
Check out the list of publications offered by the Lamar County Genealogy Society

Gateway to Texas - History of Red River County 19 chapters, 446 pages, many pictures, and a great index.
Available from the author, Martha Sue Stroud at 514 Baylor Drive, Greenville, TX 75402
$29.95 plus shipping charge of $5.00 per book. Telephone (903) 455-2624

For Love of Country-the Price of Freedom 567 pages, 14 chapters, and many pictures.
Available from the author, Martha Sue Stroud at 514 Baylor Drive, Greenville, TX 75402
$29.95 plus shipping charge of $5.00 per book. Telephone (903) 455-2624

Both books may be purchased for $50.00 (plus shipping charge of $5.00 per book). These books are a must for those who love Texas history.

Red River County Cemeteries, vol 1-7, by Bertha Gable

Currently out of print, copies available at local libraries.

Absalom and Elizabeth Autry and their Descendants, by Jeanne Murphy and Jo Autrey.
Originally published in 1994, This book has over 800 surnames, with history of families in Red River area, as well as the Counties of Bowie, Cass, and Van Zandt. Price is $40.00. This includes priority mail.
Books can be ordered direct from:
Jo Autrey:
3627 Middlefield St.
Dallas, Tx 75253-3210

Red River Dust, True Tales of The Red River Valley Frontier by Evelyn Oppenheimer and Eugene Bowers, published by Eakin Press, Austin, Texas Look Here for Index

Charles DeMorse, Pioneer Statesman and Father of Texas Journalism", by Earnest Wallace, published 1943 by Texas Tech Press and published 1985 by The Wright Press, Paris, Texas

Northeast Texas, Historical Articles about its Beginnings, Volume One of Wright Press Sesquicentennial Series, 1984.

Mary Donoho: New First Lady of the Santa Fe Trail Author: Marian Meyer Edition illustrated Publisher Ancient City Press, 1991 Original from the University of Michigan Digitized Sep 24, 2008 ISBN 094127070X, 9780941270700 Length 143 pages
Available on Amazon:

Red River County in 1890 —— The Year of the Missing Census new book by Johnie Lee
(order from Johnie Lee
1498 County Rd 2221
Detroit, TX 75436)
Further Information and Order Form Here


new website:

Burials, Cemetery and Death Records of Red River County, TX by Lawrence and Sue Dale" Contains a very thorough search of cemeteries, death records index, funeral home records and obits.
Now out of print but can be found at Clarksville Library, Bogata Library, and the County Clerk's Office.

Obituaries from the Detroit News Herald (1928-1936 and 1941-1956) by Lawrence and Sue Dale

Obituaries from the Deport Times (1911-1950) by Lawrence and Sue Dale" More new material, very important to Red River Genealogy.

OBITUARIES from Bogata News 1944 thru 1957 and other Miscellaneous Newspapers beginning in 1846

Index to burials in Red River County, Texas : has names, birth date and death date and cemetery where buried, 248 pages of SMALL PRINT, has all 41,023 burials in the county, no notes, comb bound, a necessity when you search our database on internet

Index to Cemeteries in Red River County, Texas : contains all 216 known cemeteries in the county and other names that they are known as, directions to get to them, GPS coordinates, total known burials in each, legal descriptions, 68 pages, comb bound, a necessity for out of town visitors

Civil War Dead buried in Red River County, Texas: Contains all notes from cemetery records, 374 individuals, most without formal Civil War markers, 102 pages, comb bound, mostly CSA but a few Union burials, invaluable research tool

The books by Lawrence and Sue Dale are now out of print. However, copies may be found in Clarksville and Bogata Libraries, the County Clerk's office, and on the Internet.

It Happened In Post Oak (Or Thereabouts) - A Slice of Lamar and Red River County History by Johnie Lee..............$49.95
There are over 300 pages in the book and the index contains over 18,000 entries. Over 300 family histories are included in the book and there are references to most Red River and Lamar County towns and communities. (TX residents add $3.37 sales tax)
(Shipping and handling: $3.50)
(order from Johnie Lee
1498 County Rd 2221
Detroit, TX 75436)
See Every name index - Searching for new URL
Further Information and Order Form Here

Abstracts from the Clarksville Standard (Formerly the Northern Standard) Texas: Volume 6: Jan. 2, 1858 - July 30, 1859 Paperback –– March 31, 2010 by Richard B. Marrin (Author)
Order here
(Also available on Amazon)
The Northern Standard, later renamed The Clarksville Standard, was a weekly newspaper first published in 1842 by Charles DeMorse in Clarksville, a small town in the northeastern corner of the Republic of Texas. The paper grew to become the second largest in circulation in Texas and DeMorse was hailed as the Father of Texas Journalism. DeMorse, a fervent Democrat, also earned the title: The Father of the Democratic Press in Texas.

"Marriage Records for Red River County, Texas"
are now for sale at the County Clerk's office in Clarksville.
They consist of three books;
1846 to 1903;
1904 to 1935;
1936 to 1999.
The price is $30. per book, payable to the Red River County Clerk's Office. There is no cost for mailing or taxes. Anyone who would like to have one or more of these books, drop by the Courthouse Annex or send a check to:
Shawn Weemes, County Clerk
Red River County Texas
Courthouse Annex
200 N. Walnut
Clarksville, Texas 75426


When Mama Kept the Boarding House by Genevieve Moseley DeBerry
First published in 1959, now reprinted and available. A great book about growing up in the English area of Red River County about a hundred years ago.

"Are you English? Are you kin to John and Sinai (Ballew) English?"

A history of the Nugent, English and Ballew families from approximately 1804 to 1870. Compiled from Bible records; family history and correspondence; microfilmed newspapers and legal documents in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Soft cover; 128 pages; 235+ references; modified every name index by Patricia Shivley Elmore.

"Reflections of Red River County 1830's - 1890" by Marion Butts

A history of the county, beginning with the earliest settlements; Covers steamboat traffic, transportation, local involvement in the Civil War and reconstruction, the building of the railroads and the courthouse; Soft cover; 53 pages;
$16, includes shipping and taxes.

M.R. Butts
P.O. Box 1232
Clarksville, TX 75426

Country Schools in Red River County
The book is a compilation of country schools, with related history, which existed in Red River County from 1834 until 1978. Included are 132 schools with names and locations identified on a 17 by 24 inch 1936 Red River County road map. Approximately sixty additional schools, with some history, are included. The primary purpose of the book is to preserve the memory of the country schools and location of as many as possible. This is a self published, 7 X 10 hard cover book with approximately 120 pages with about 50 illustrations, most being old school photos. The price is $44, including sales tax and shipping. Anyone interested in a copy may contact the author: Harold E. Norris, 4633 Firestone Drive, Frisco, Texas 75034; Email at It was a very limited edition, and a second printing is unlikely. Many have been sold, and only a few remain.

RED RIVER COUNTY, TEXAS IN THE CIVIL WAR, compiled by Joe E. and Carolyn Ericson. Thermal binding, 300 pages, $35.00 Order here

Has early land grants in addition to the petitions to establish Bowie County and Lamar County. Many early settlers entered Texas from the northeast from Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee, full name index, 76 pages, thermal binding. $15.00

1850 CENSUS RED RIVER COUNTY, TEXAS, transcribed by Kathryn H. Davis.
61 pages, soft cover, index to heads of household. $15.00

1860 CENSUS RED RIVER COUNTY, TEXAS, transcribed by Kathryn H. Davis.
Gives value of real estate and personal estate as well as place of birth. 99 pages, soft cover, full name index to heads of household. $15.00

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